In the United States this is typically someone who started out as a pushy judgmental Christian, surrounded themselves with other pushy judgmental Christians, then realized that God is not compatible with being pushy and judgmental and threw the God part out of their life instead of the pushy judgmental part.
You Christians are all pushy and judgmental, I would know because I used to be one. ... When are you going to realize the Bible is a myth, you moron?

-Typical atheist ramble
by Allah-Carte September 24, 2010
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a person who does not believe in a supreme being or beings. known to include some of the sexiest people alive.
opposite of theist.
ignoramus: you're an atheist?!?! you have no morals. you're a communist. you're a satanist. and by the way, you're going to fucking hell.
atheist: dumbshit. *rolls eyes and strolls away*
by stephh<33 February 01, 2009
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A person who does not believe that a "god" or supreme being exists. And, although often forgotten, this does include not beliving Satan, also. So, no, we're not Gothic; we just don't have a preference. Some Atheist people may sound arrogant to you, but it is just that they are having trouble understanding why you belive in god, and you are having trouble understanding they don't. They usually don't make a big deal of it, unless you offend them just because you belive otherwise. This is not to be confused with being agnostic, which is a person who is not sure whether a supreme being exists or not.
---anonymous(coming from someone who is Atheist--not some person who is offended by them w/ their dumb definition...)
2=person w/ religion

1: hey, what's up?

2: nothing, hey, want to start coming to church with me

1:nah, i'm not one of the church type...

2: why not??

1: b/c i'm atheist

2:omg, ur atheist?? i have to take you to church and have you saved and sprinkle holy water all over you!!

1: ouch!! let go of me!
by anonymous411 March 31, 2006
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Growing from childhood to adulthood,
moving from naivity to wisdom.
Upon reaching adulthood, she realized that God did not exist and consequentially became atheist.
by Mirrors lie March 14, 2009
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Someone who does not believe in any God and often paranormal activities.

Also, judging by the other definitions posted on here, they are people that come under a lot of flak from believers.
Some people say Atheism is the Belief in nothing and some say it is a lack of belief.

Its the atheist's choice really.

Simple as.
by mandalore cody July 28, 2008
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A person who either:

a. Does not have any theistic beliefs of any nature ("weak" atheism)
b. Actively believes that there is no God, or indeed any matter of supernatural entity ("strong" atheism"

There are two noteworthy things about the concept of atheism:

a. "Atheism", or a- in front of theism, simply means "not theistic". Therefore, the literal definition of the word atheism is what was referred to before as weak atheism. The differentiation between "weak" and strong atheism, however, is now necessary, due to the proliferation in use of labeling strong atheism as simply atheism.
b. "Belief" that there is no God is still the important point here for strong atheism. No reasonable atheist would assert that they KNOW there is no God, just as no reasonable theist would assert that they KNOW there IS a God - there is no proof for either preposition, and thus certainty is impossible either way. However, strong atheism relies on the fact that logically proving something does NOT exist is far harder than proving something does exist (and in fact is generally impossible), and thus tends not to perceive a lack of absolute proof that there is no God as a weakness in their arguments.
I am an atheist. This tells you nothing about my personality, character, or intelligence. All it tells you is that I do not have particular belief in God. That is all that atheists have in common.
by voidsoul July 31, 2008
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I'm confused as to why people get so agressive about this sort of thing. One of the reasons I'm atheist is so that I am free from living my life as a slave to "faiths" that are blind and force-fed to millions.

So, for the religious: stop condemning everyone that disagrees with you. I think it's selfish for many born-into-religion people to automatically assume that out of the thousands of faiths they could have possibly just ASSUME that they have the "right" one.

For the atheists: Don't put out another stereotype for the rest of us to deal with.

Someone else, feel free to convince me why on earth I would ever need faith, except as a security blanket that supplements the lack of personal and mental strength I have as a human being?
You say it's weakness to be atheist, not to be able to "understand" complex concepts about the creation of the universe.

I say, I'm not going to spend my life searching for the meaning of life and instead will go live it, hopefully finding happiness and doing something good for the world.
by Just stop whining.. April 11, 2006
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