A person who uses logic to figure out that there is no such thing as a higher power or diety

They also do not believe in satan seing as he would be a higher power.
If the bible is so "holy", why does it have an author?
by AJ December 04, 2004
A person who does not believe in the existence of a higher power(A.K.A. God/Gods).

They DO NOT burn up when they walk into a church, or avert their eyes when going by one.
Most of them are just tired of watching religion being shoved so far down peoples throats, that they (insert cliche religion joke here).
Facebook-Repost if you love God. Scroll if you love Satan.

Me (atheist)-I just want to go through a few facebook posts without seeing a dumb religion post. Looks like its delete some bitches time.
by HardColdTruthBiotch March 20, 2014
A person who tries to prove the non-existence of an entity that resides outside of the universe using the laws of the universe
There is nothing wrong with being Atheist. This is just my opinion.
by Name removed by the NSA November 15, 2013
A person who is strong enough that they have come to their own conclusions about religion. These people do not just jump on the bandwagon and believe what everybody else tells them. Many people think that atheists are ungodly and sinners, but are in truth just normal people who have their own beliefs. Saying that an atheist is a sinner or an ungodly person is racism as well and is no better than saying that Jewish people or Islamic people are evil. And it is a common stereotype to say that all atheists are pompous or know-it-alls, they are just normal people who have come up with their own original thoughts on life.
Yes, I am an atheist. That does not mean that I am an immoral person, it just means that I have different beliefs than the general public.

And I wouldn't be going off on this tangent, but some of the definitions I have seen for this word are unfair and extremely biased.
by Dr. Seuss, PhD August 31, 2011
I'm making this just in spite of all the other definitions :D

Someone who doesn't believe in god.

Most respect others opinions and have EXTREMELY religious friends.
Stevie the atheist: "There is no God"

John the Faith-nut: "How did the universe happen?"

Stevie- "The big bang you idiot!"

John- "What caused that to happen?"

Stevie- "Definitely not god."

John- "Why"
Stevie - "Who created god?"
John- "ummmmmmmmmm"

(Nazi?) Atheist 1 -There is no god. We are all animals. Kill the Jew dogs.
Atheist 2-If humans aren't animals than what are we?


Faith nut-I'm gonna be pretentious and call Atheist communists while I'm the actual communist trying to abolish others beliefs for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

Religious person: Atheist killed thousands!!!!!!!
Atheist-Stop making up facts. Wars are still going on about who's god is better and BILLIONS are dead. If god was real and had a plan for everyone than nobody would be atheists or have other religions. Please stop being an ignorant jerk.
by bestfriendswithbibleclubprez October 21, 2010
someone who has no need for god or gods
An atheist is someone who believes in himself.
by mr. communication November 14, 2006
1. A person who dosn't belive in a higher being, God or anything that is similar.

Some Atheists except that science has already proven that God dosn't exist.

But Actually, the truth is science and religion connot prove the existence or unexistence of a God or higher being .ect.

I'm an atheist because it is so confusing to choose weather to belive or not to belive.

Both sides think they are the right one (Atheist vs christians).

They both have strong and "Definate" feelings about what they belive.

Atheism isn't a religion by the way.

Hey lets just think for a second. Ok lets go back to the times of exploration. There were lands where there wasn't any christianity, BUT there was some kind of religion. In countries like Australia and Hawaii and Other islands and north and south America. They all had natives before the european exploers, they all had there theories of creationism(like Christianity) they had higher beings or daities. They all had stories of how things came to be, like animals and sertain aspects of nature. Those religions are practicually wiped out when the europeans came and took over, but the stories still exist.

What I'm trying to state is that all cultures have their theories of how something came to be or something like that. All cultures have there theories.

Religions tell people that other religions are wrong in someway, yep even the so called all loving Christianty Religion.

It's human nature to be like this. Don't worry in the future we will all find out the TRUTH.
I'm an atheist. Here I made up a based on truth example I made up of:
The Days of exploration:-

Native Hawaiin: Aloha
European explorer preist: What is this figure.
Native Hawaiin: Its is our God (insert name here)
European explorer preist: WHAT!!!!!!!blasphermy.*Whacks figure to the ground*
You should be obeying Jesus.
Native Hawaiin: WHAT!!!!!!!! Whos Jesus????
European Explorer: He is the Almighty you should have heard of him because he is the lord.
Native hawaiin: I havn't heard of such a thing nor has any one on the island!!!!!!!?????
European explorer: You have been persuaded by the devil!!!!!!
Native hawaiin: WHO!!!??????
by dffghsgsf August 31, 2005

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