Growing from childhood to adulthood,
moving from naivity to wisdom.
Upon reaching adulthood, she realized that God did not exist and consequentially became atheist.
by Mirrors lie March 14, 2009
A person who uses logic to figure out that there is no such thing as a higher power or diety

They also do not believe in satan seing as he would be a higher power.
If the bible is so "holy", why does it have an author?
by AJ December 04, 2004
Someone who is in no way religious, and rejects all religions.
Religious person: Oh my gosh, if you're an atheist, when you die; you're going to hell and get your head chopped off!

Atheist: I highly doubt that..
by Jane .-. May 24, 2014
1. Someone who believes that no deity exists and that all religion is false.

2. Atheists is the anti theist, theists believe in one or more deity whereas atheists do not.

3. An atheist will argue the non-existence of god even though they do not believe in him.
Atheist ''Do you believe in god?''

Christian ''Yes''

Atheist ''Raaaaaaageeeeee''
by Shinanigan May 04, 2014
Someone who lacks belief in a deity or higher power. That's all. Atheists are not the hateful, arrogant, stubborn jerks they are often made out to be. Stop disrespecting atheists based on negative encounters you've had with some of them. Not all of them are intolerant, arrogant people who think they have the answer to everything. I've met several atheists who happen to be very intelligent and respectful people, and in turn are very respectable. It's true, some ARE arrogant, some ARE hateful, some DON'T know when to shut up, but honestly, that is no reason to judge all of them. They have the right to believe or not to believe in whatever they want, just like everyone else does. By the way, this is coming from a Christian!
An atheist is someone who does not believe in a deity or higher entity. That is all an atheist is.
by Christianguy27462 April 10, 2014
A person who, unlike religious people, don't have imaginary friends (like Jesus).
A: Hey, look at that religious person, he makes-believe every day!
B: I know, that's kinda weird
A: Obviously the world wasn't created in 7 days. And if there was a God why are so many African children dying?
B: Yeah, atheists are so smart.
by xyzbegreen123 December 15, 2010
An atheist is someone who does not believe in a deity or god. Some can be arrogant however others generally don't care. (Note, stop being biased on this article Athiests and Theists.)
Theist:Do you think some of the Athiests on Urban Dictionary are biased?

Atheist: No, you aren't either though because you aren't a bad person trying to convert people and being intolerant. Instead you acctualy help people, like at the soup kitchen.
by Feihts May 12, 2009

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