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A person who uses logic to figure out that there is no such thing as a higher power or diety

They also do not believe in satan seing as he would be a higher power.
If the bible is so "holy", why does it have an author?
by AJ December 04, 2004
1. Someone who believes that no deity exists and that all religion is false.

2. Atheists is the anti theist, theists believe in one or more deity whereas atheists do not.

3. An atheist will argue the non-existence of god even though they do not believe in him.
Atheist ''Do you believe in god?''

Christian ''Yes''

Atheist ''Raaaaaaageeeeee''
by Shinanigan May 04, 2014
A person who does not believe in the existence of a higher power(A.K.A. God/Gods).

They DO NOT burn up when they walk into a church, or avert their eyes when going by one.
Most of them are just tired of watching religion being shoved so far down peoples throats, that they (insert cliche religion joke here).
Facebook-Repost if you love God. Scroll if you love Satan.

Me (atheist)-I just want to go through a few facebook posts without seeing a dumb religion post. Looks like its delete some bitches time.
by HardColdTruthBiotch March 20, 2014
A person who, unlike religious people, don't have imaginary friends (like Jesus).
A: Hey, look at that religious person, he makes-believe every day!
B: I know, that's kinda weird
A: Obviously the world wasn't created in 7 days. And if there was a God why are so many African children dying?
B: Yeah, atheists are so smart.
by xyzbegreen123 December 15, 2010
A person who either:

a. Does not have any theistic beliefs of any nature ("weak" atheism)
b. Actively believes that there is no God, or indeed any matter of supernatural entity ("strong" atheism"

There are two noteworthy things about the concept of atheism:

a. "Atheism", or a- in front of theism, simply means "not theistic". Therefore, the literal definition of the word atheism is what was referred to before as weak atheism. The differentiation between "weak" and strong atheism, however, is now necessary, due to the proliferation in use of labeling strong atheism as simply atheism.
b. "Belief" that there is no God is still the important point here for strong atheism. No reasonable atheist would assert that they KNOW there is no God, just as no reasonable theist would assert that they KNOW there IS a God - there is no proof for either preposition, and thus certainty is impossible either way. However, strong atheism relies on the fact that logically proving something does NOT exist is far harder than proving something does exist (and in fact is generally impossible), and thus tends not to perceive a lack of absolute proof that there is no God as a weakness in their arguments.
I am an atheist. This tells you nothing about my personality, character, or intelligence. All it tells you is that I do not have particular belief in God. That is all that atheists have in common.
by voidsoul July 31, 2008
A very broad catagory of people that others may consider anything from unethical to logical. In truth atheism (a-lacking; theism-beleif in a higher power) makes up a large number of people with different beleifs. Not all atheists are such because they don't have proof that God exists.

I, for one, am atheist because I know that if I were Christian, and I ended up in heven, I would feel guilty that a good many people in hell were there for eternity because they grew up with one set of "heretical" beleifs and "were never taught better".

I beleive that hell is a punishment that people are told they will face if they are not good to their fellow man. This would be a good thing, however, if, say, a Native American, who did not beleive Christ was the son of God and did only good during his life, goes to hell, that defeats the concept.

Nobody has the right to say one child is born with "original sin" and the way to cleanse him is to pay the church.

I have many reasons to be atheist (and science is one of them). It is always better to judge the individual than to put everybody into about 25 groups and dictate their right to live on this planet based on that.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
Someone who is in no way religious, and rejects all religions.
Religious person: Oh my gosh, if you're an atheist, when you die; you're going to hell and get your head chopped off!

Atheist: I highly doubt that..
by Jane .-. May 24, 2014