Someone who does not believe in a god, and always mentioning how Christians and other religious people have murdered many people throughout history (even though atheists have killed millions upon millions of more humans in just the 20th Century alone).
Sarah: Hey Greg, I'm an atheist; do you know how many people were killed in the name of God?

Greg: Well, those people weren't really Christians, because real Christians don't murder. However, do you know how many more millions of people were killed under atheistic rule?

Sarah: Errrrrrrr, um, dunno.

Greg: Interesting...
by ChaddyMan March 25, 2011
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Science and our so called "facts" are just as unstable as myths and religion, so what can we really be sure about?
by dumb cunt May 26, 2003
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A person who does not believe in god, not related to satanists, muslims, or anyone else christianity hates. Contrary to popular opinion, atheists are not self obsessing narcissists, but are just people who find the idea that by doing certain deeds (going to Church or blowing yourself up) will get you into a magical place where you live in paradise for all eternity
Atheist: "Hey man what's up?"
Religious zealot (not to be confused with normal religious person): "Screw you man, I'll see you in hell, oh wait, no I won't, I'll be in heaven pissing on you."
Atheist: okay....
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1. A Theist, a person with belief in a God, from the Greek theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to belief that they're right.
2. Atheist, a person without belief in a God, from the Greek A, without, and theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to the belief that they're right.
1. Yayhew exists
2. Oh no he doesn't
1. Oh yes he does
by Ytaker January 03, 2005
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A person who does not acknowledge the existence of any God or Gods. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "atheist belief". The entire concept of atheism means that you are free from dogma and must have your own ideas.
(Typical fundamentalist Christian response)

-Suzy doesn't believe God is real, she's an atheist!
-Yeah, well, so am I...
by God_doesn't_give_a_shit May 30, 2010
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Anyone who is not a theist
Headline: "Primitive tribe newly discovered in the Amazonian rain-forest turn out to be atheists!"
by R869020 May 29, 2015
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Someone who believes in logic, not a mythical all powerful sentient being. Rather than being terrified of the 'unknown', they use science to discover the truth, not relying on story books, for they're information. They do however find it complex to understand how people can base they're lives on basically a hunch, as if you question gods existence by looking for proof, you're not a real believer. Strange.
scientist guy: I'm an atheist
other scientist guy: I'm glad i'm not too stupid to understand science, and have enough common sense to realise that God can't possibly exist.
scientist guy: Yeah, me too
by scientist guy October 06, 2010
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