Let's end the stereotypes about atheists now.

I'm an atheist. Does this mean I love science? Not necessarily. I simply did not feel anything whatsoever going to church when I was little, and therefore, stopped believing. It was when I got older that the "Is realigion really plausible?" thoughts popped into my head.

Does it mean that I have faith in the government? Au contraire--I think the government and politicians and all that junk are mostly corrupt and stupid.

Do I hate other people for believing in God? Nope. In fact, I love diversity. The world would be boring as hell if we were all atheists.

Have I ever gone out of my way to convince a theist that what I believe is right? That's wrong too. I can't tell you for sure whether I'm right or wrong--it's not like a have proof or anything--so I don't bother with arguing over it. Unfortunately, a lot of theists don't pay me the same respect. :(

Am I evil? A theist may think so, but I don't. I love giving to charities, I participate in my school's choir, I love my family, and I don't smoke, drink excessively, or take sex lightly, I've never betrayed anyone, I get good grades, and I'm really nice to others.

I also have faith--not in a God, but in myself and those around me. I believe in living my life as happily as I can, since it is the only life I think I have to live. I don't constantly look to God to pull me through tough times; I pull myself through and make myself stronger.
"It is an interesting and demonstrable fact, that all children are atheists and were religion not inculcated into their minds, they would remain so" ~Ernestine Rose

"Atheism is a non-prophet organization" ~George Carlin
by Miss Logic May 05, 2006
One who does not belive in a supierior being but does not denie it despite to what people say we are nice people :).
Atheists dont hate christ they hate everyone! :D
by Quinny! August 08, 2006
1. A Theist, a person with belief in a God, from the Greek theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to belief that they're right.
2. Atheist, a person without belief in a God, from the Greek A, without, and theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to the belief that they're right.
1. Yayhew exists
2. Oh no he doesn't
1. Oh yes he does
by Ytaker January 03, 2005
A person who puts their life confidence in something visible. This person gets the feelings of love, harmony, unity, acceptance, courage, strength, patience, joy and all the other things that God brings from something worldly. They either believe in themselves while thinking that Christians do not (wrong) or believe in someone/thing else (ie. girlfriend, drugs, technology, scientist) to bring them hope and joy. The problem with this is personal to the atheist as it is a system of faith that will eventually fail. What happens if the person you believe in dies, or gets ill? What happens if you run out of cocaine or alcohol to feel social? They do not worship these things, but the atheist relies upon them just as the spiritualist relies on God.
Me: Explain how the world came into existence
Atheist: Science
Me: Yes I believe in that as well, but its not all an accident
Atheist: WHA?? you believe in science?
(shit, there goes 20 of my arguments)
by Elbarto150 October 16, 2008
The one true religion that should be supreme
i am an athiest and proud of it
by g March 15, 2005
1. One who spends all their free time writing up definitions of "atheists" on urban dictionary that present atheists as rational and level-headed.

2. An adult who found out about Santa Claus when he was three and therefore is sour about believing anything else.

3. An emo teenager whose outlook on life would contradict itself if they also believed that there was a loving God.

4. One who categorically does not believe in God or gods, but is not any of the above and is pretty normal.
Atheist: Dude, atheists aren't mean just because we can't tolerate a cross the size of an ant on a state flag! BUT CHRISTIANS ARE BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY TRY TO CONVERT PEOPLE TO THEIR RELIGION!!!
Christian: ...that's not intolerant...
by ladidaaaaaaaaa October 25, 2007
A person who has given up faith in religions or any high science, and relys on their 5 senses, basic instincts and material science to determine what they believe.
Side affects: -may not see a difference between humans and animals.
-May believe in survival of the fittest or other rules of nature.
-may not find a purpose in life, or believe in an afterlife.
Atheist: "Wait a second, its scientificly impossible to have a man in the clouds, therefore, God doesn't exist at all."
by Jerry J. October 10, 2005
The fool. Even a fool could know what a fool is. A fool is a very stupid,extremely dumb,and incredibly ignorant human being. As in `duh, what is reality?`
The fool knows not that he is a fool unless he reads Psalm 53.1 then he can find out from God himself what he is, which would be `the fool`
`There is no God says the fool in his heart.` Psalm 53.1 and there you have it, folks, from God himself. An atheist is `THE fool` not `a` fool, but `the` fool. A person actully singled out by God and called `the` fool for saying `there is no God` And that is what God calls him for saying such a thing.
The Bible is called `the Book`, so I guess you get the message here about the atheist being `the fool`.
by Atheist shunner January 23, 2007

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