1. A person that is in a disbelief in the existence of a god or gods (A meaning "no" and theism meaning "god(s)") and is to understand that science can explain everything.

2. Often characterized as "arrogant" or "misfortunate"/"damned to hell" for not having faith in any religion of sorts.

3. Could be described as a "see it to believe it" type person as they have not seen real physical evidence of a deity and as a result, do not believe in any theism.
1. Christian: "So how was the world created?"
Atheist: "So how was God created?"
Christian: "He always was and always will be."
Atheist: "Yeah well a bunch of pressurized gas and such exploded and infinitely expanded, to me."

2. Christian: "What church do you go to?"
Atheist: "I'm an Atheist; I don't go to church."
Christian: "How can you just say God doesn't exist?"
(In this situation, the Christian is actually being arrogant in that they are questioning another's belief in an arrogant tone.)

3. Christian: "Did you hear that they found Noah's ark?!"
Atheist: "About 85% of the world believes in some kind of ark and you all are always trying to convert everyone to your religion to 'save us'. How can I be so sure it's real if I haven't discovered it myself?"
by IronicallyMature June 02, 2010
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an asshole who doesn't believe in god or religion.
do you believe in god?
no im an asshole atheist!

by edr February 11, 2008
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A dumbass who can't make up their minds of wat to believe in so s/he calls him/herself an "atheist"
hmmm God or budda I DON'T KNO the only way to get by is to become an hmmm atheist

ice cream or pizza damn hard choice i'll be an atheist for now.
by Tara T November 08, 2005
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An evolutionary biologist from England who answers to the name of Richard Dawkins.
dude1: I'm an atheist.
dude2: Oh, you must be Richard Dawkins.
by LargeSyringe May 26, 2009
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One who does not belive in a supierior being but does not denie it despite to what people say we are nice people :).
Atheists dont hate christ they hate everyone! :D
by Quinny! August 08, 2006
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Something that a lot of people claim to be. However they don't seem to exist on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency room.
Dave was always claimed to be an atheist and how he did not believe in God until he nearly died in a violent mugging. When he was praying to God to spare his life.
by faithful servant of Christ April 17, 2011
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The polar opposite of Theism, but with the same amount of blind faith, dogma, brainwashing and lack of thinking.

They slap the burden of proof on Theism to prove that God exists while predictably being completely unable and thus unwilling to prove that God doesn't exist.

If what they believe is true, then the universe is completely without meaning, and so our our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and every action we make, because eventually the Earth and all its inhabitants will no longer exist, all the causes of all our effects will cease to be, and there is noone to judge us. Thus, they have no reason to be good and no reason to have morals, and as a result nobody trusts them with anything - a logical reaction to their way of thinking which, of course, they blame the Church for.

Confront them with facts and logic, and they will either suddenly turn Agnostic or mindlessly slander you, probably after slandering the religious for using slander as a weapon.

Intellectually arrogant hypocrite snobs that have some kind of beef with Theism and are constantly shoving their unimaginably stupid way of thinking down your throat while demonizing Theists for doing the same exact thing.
Man #1: I'm smart, everyone who thinks like me is smart and everyone who thinks differently is stupid - especially those dumbass Christians who have no tolerance for those who think differently and think they know everything.

Man #2: Blatant hypocrisy in the very same sentence? That must be some kind of Atheist record.
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009
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