A very broad catagory of people that others may consider anything from unethical to logical. In truth atheism (a-lacking; theism-beleif in a higher power) makes up a large number of people with different beleifs. Not all atheists are such because they don't have proof that God exists.

I, for one, am atheist because I know that if I were Christian, and I ended up in heven, I would feel guilty that a good many people in hell were there for eternity because they grew up with one set of "heretical" beleifs and "were never taught better".

I beleive that hell is a punishment that people are told they will face if they are not good to their fellow man. This would be a good thing, however, if, say, a Native American, who did not beleive Christ was the son of God and did only good during his life, goes to hell, that defeats the concept.

Nobody has the right to say one child is born with "original sin" and the way to cleanse him is to pay the church.

I have many reasons to be atheist (and science is one of them). It is always better to judge the individual than to put everybody into about 25 groups and dictate their right to live on this planet based on that.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
1. A person who does not believe in a deity, but still has the common courtesy not to deliberately confront those with views that differ from his/hers.

2. Narrow minded, arrogant little bigots who offend those that believe in a god and devote there time trying to disprove religion, but funnily enough, strangely quiet when Christmas roll's around.
"Do onto others as they would do onto you"

That is all I ask of defintion 2 atheists (including Ant).
by Corpsio January 24, 2006
confused person; someone who could not tell the truth from delusion;
A stooge believes in something but not God. He is a goddamned atheist.
by zainorzainy January 30, 2009
an asshole who doesn't believe in god or religion.
do you believe in god?
no im an asshole atheist!

by edr February 11, 2008
Egotistical assholes that think they are superior, have some "common sense" or "greater knowledge" because they don´t believe in God. Look jackasses, I´m not saying you´re inferior either, but quit putting people down if they believe in God.
Atheists vs. people that believe in God: the never ending battle.
by Adrian August 05, 2006
People who bitch at everyone who says "God". They bitch about the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Ten Commandments at courthouses. They take "The Separation of Church and State" too literal.
The atheists are suing again because a teacher said "God" in class.
by rapsux March 02, 2005
The polar opposite of Theism, but with the same amount of blind faith, dogma, brainwashing and lack of thinking.

They slap the burden of proof on Theism to prove that God exists while predictably being completely unable and thus unwilling to prove that God doesn't exist.

If what they believe is true, then the universe is completely without meaning, and so our our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and every action we make, because eventually the Earth and all its inhabitants will no longer exist, all the causes of all our effects will cease to be, and there is noone to judge us. Thus, they have no reason to be good and no reason to have morals, and as a result nobody trusts them with anything - a logical reaction to their way of thinking which, of course, they blame the Church for.

Confront them with facts and logic, and they will either suddenly turn Agnostic or mindlessly slander you, probably after slandering the religious for using slander as a weapon.

Intellectually arrogant hypocrite snobs that have some kind of beef with Theism and are constantly shoving their unimaginably stupid way of thinking down your throat while demonizing Theists for doing the same exact thing.
Man #1: I'm smart, everyone who thinks like me is smart and everyone who thinks differently is stupid - especially those dumbass Christians who have no tolerance for those who think differently and think they know everything.

Man #2: Blatant hypocrisy in the very same sentence? That must be some kind of Atheist record.
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009
They don’t exist in foxholes. To the contrary, it is not someone who doesn’t practice any religion, but it’s a stupid fool who refuses to recognize the existance of the spiritual including a diety. They only believe in what they can see through science and disrgard any philisophical, theological or prophetical evidence of a supreme being. The irony is that it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in a diety because the atheist must always explain things not commonly understood like the origin of the universe (even the proposed Big Bang theory eventually points to a supreme being), scientific laws, prophecy and how only females in all species can reproduce their own kind, etc. Because atheists deny the existance of a diety due to a lack of scientific evidence, they must also deny things that are independent of scientific evidence like mathematics, psychology, emotions, miracles, dreams, demonic possession, the existance of good and evil, etc. Since an atheist claims to not belive in anything that cant be scientifically proven, especially God, the word “atheist” itself is a farce because they DO have a belief system; a belief that must assume everything in this universe is a coincidence and there are no abolutes.

Some atheists may either be aggressively active (intollerant of any belief and attacking persons of faith) or passive (supporting others who have faith), depending on the person. Michael Nudow of California was an example in the news a few years ago in the media by his strong activism of removing “In God We Trust” from our money and no private moment of silence or prayer in schools.

Atheists usually support their arguments with questions like “Where is the scientific evidence of a supreme being?” or “How can a God exist with all the horror occuring in the world?” or “how could a loving God send unbelievers to hell?” These questions are asked by atheists due to their lack of understanding of who God is and the root cause of the world’s problems (sin that was not the will of God but the free will of man). An atheist needs to understand that: 1. You cannot prove the spiritual with science. You cant scientifically prove people have been possessed by demons, but it has happened. You cant prove angels or miracles exist, but they do. You cant scientifically prove dreams exists but we know they do. You also cant prove that good and evil exists but we know it does. So, there are numerous things that are evident of a creator but don’t necessarily prove it. 2. The world’s troubles are a result of sin that entered the world, not by the Jedeo-Christian God, but by man’s free will given by God. Man chose to rebel against God and go his own way at the dawn of human civilization that caused the world to plummet into darkness and strife. 3. God does NOT send people to hell—people send themselves by rejecting the attonement of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for their sins that separate them from God’s holiness. God did not create hell for people, but only for Satan and his angels following a war in heaven against God. In God’s holiness, he cannot allow sin in his perfect heaven, and there is no other place to send the sinners at judgement day but hell itself.

It’s actually very difficult to be an atheist because they are always having to explain the most difficult of things. The Bible refers to the atheist when it says, “The fool has said in his heart that there is no God.” Atheists are also without excuse because the Bible says, “God’s invisible qualities have been clearly revealed to everyone, so that no man is without excuse.” To put it simply, there is no excuse for being an atheist and not accepting the existance of a creator. At judgement day all atheists will become believers.
To be an atheist means you must consider all belief systems as futile and irrationally deny the existance of anything unseen. After all, there is no scientific proof according to them. How stupid, because much of the world and the universe we live in is unseen.

by krock1dk April 27, 2008

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