Not a greedy know-it-all teenager, who pretends to hate religion but celebrates Christmas, as posted by anonymous, rather someone who does not believe in god. This person may or may not celebrate the overly-commercial holiday of Christmas which no longer has a basis in religion.
I do not believe in any deity, therefore I am an atheist.
by Anonymous March 03, 2005
A Fool. An Immoral and corrupt individual.
Read Psalm 14 and Psalm 53.

Those Psalms say that those(atheists)who deny a creator are Fools.
by suedama November 10, 2007
A small group of some who are some of the most hypocritical people around, which is rather ironic considering how many times per day they call religious people hypocrites.
They're also incredibly arrogant, believing they're right and everyone else is wrong, which is also incredibly ironic, considering this is the exact same thing they say about religious peoples.

The group consists mostly of whiny teenagers, such as most of the kids on this site, who really have no idea what the facts are, but believe they're cool and "hardcore" for turning away from the religious beliefs of the majority. These are the ones who constantly say they believe in "science over religion" despite constantly flunking their biology exams.

They're infamous for having no original arguments, always just using whatever their god, Richard Dawkins, says, without having any idea what it means.

Their favorite hobby is bringing up the crusade as an example for why religion is bad, making themselves look like the ignorant morons they are (they've never actually read any actually factual accounts of history, in which they'd learn that the majority of the crusaders couldn't even read the Bible and mainly did what they did for wealth, not their incredibly distorted image of God).

Atheists love to bunch all religions in the world into one little ball called "religion" that they blame for all the problems in the world.
Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

They also like to say that Christianity is incompatible with science and that science disproves Christianity.
They also say that religion holds back the advancement of science.
Let's just ignore the fact that Newton (who said all his inspiration for his discoveries came from the Bible and God), Galileo, Kepler, and Bacon were all Christians. Why, even Benjamin Franklin was a deists (though hardly religious).
Only a moron would say that our advancement in science has come about by atheism.

Basically, while there are some nice and intelligent atheists, the majority are unintelligent, Dawkins-worshipping, rebellious, whiny children who lack the ability to comprehend half the things they quote as 'fact'.

The children who claim to be 'atheists' on this site will vote 'no' on this entry, because they are either insecure in their pitiful intellects or arrogant in their defiance of concepts they don't even understand.
by STJosh August 29, 2007
One who does not belive in a supierior being but does not denie it despite to what people say we are nice people :).
Atheists dont hate christ they hate everyone! :D
by Quinny! August 08, 2006
1. A Theist, a person with belief in a God, from the Greek theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to belief that they're right.
2. Atheist, a person without belief in a God, from the Greek A, without, and theos, belief. Often has dreams of grandeur due to the belief that they're right.
1. Yayhew exists
2. Oh no he doesn't
1. Oh yes he does
by Ytaker January 03, 2005
A person who puts their life confidence in something visible. This person gets the feelings of love, harmony, unity, acceptance, courage, strength, patience, joy and all the other things that God brings from something worldly. They either believe in themselves while thinking that Christians do not (wrong) or believe in someone/thing else (ie. girlfriend, drugs, technology, scientist) to bring them hope and joy. The problem with this is personal to the atheist as it is a system of faith that will eventually fail. What happens if the person you believe in dies, or gets ill? What happens if you run out of cocaine or alcohol to feel social? They do not worship these things, but the atheist relies upon them just as the spiritualist relies on God.
Me: Explain how the world came into existence
Atheist: Science
Me: Yes I believe in that as well, but its not all an accident
Atheist: WHA?? you believe in science?
(shit, there goes 20 of my arguments)
by Elbarto150 October 16, 2008
The one true religion that should be supreme
i am an athiest and proud of it
by g March 15, 2005
1. One who spends all their free time writing up definitions of "atheists" on urban dictionary that present atheists as rational and level-headed.

2. An adult who found out about Santa Claus when he was three and therefore is sour about believing anything else.

3. An emo teenager whose outlook on life would contradict itself if they also believed that there was a loving God.

4. One who categorically does not believe in God or gods, but is not any of the above and is pretty normal.
Atheist: Dude, atheists aren't mean just because we can't tolerate a cross the size of an ant on a state flag! BUT CHRISTIANS ARE BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY TRY TO CONVERT PEOPLE TO THEIR RELIGION!!!
Christian: ...that's not intolerant...
by ladidaaaaaaaaa October 25, 2007

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