Not a greedy know-it-all teenager, who pretends to hate religion but celebrates Christmas, as posted by anonymous, rather someone who does not believe in god. This person may or may not celebrate the overly-commercial holiday of Christmas which no longer has a basis in religion.
I do not believe in any deity, therefore I am an atheist.
by Anonymous March 03, 2005
A person who has choosen to reject a faith in a higher power and believes there is nothing beyond what we see. Probably has not even read the Bible or any other religious text.
-Many attempt to replace religion with science, worshipping elitist bigots like Richard Dawkins.
-Often fearful of the possibility they could be judged.
-Many whiny emo teenagers rejected by society and wanting to "stick it too the man" and looking for a group to embrace them.
-Advocated by self-righteous hypocrits and bigots with no understanding of history.
-Ignore the hypocricy of their beliefs. They claim that theists are foolish to believe in a higher power yet insist their unsupported belief that all of this just happened due to chance and there is nothing beyond this life is logical.
"If there were no God there would be no atheists." - G. K. Chesterton
"Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God." - Tom Stoppard
by TheShade111 September 15, 2008
1. People who believe that the universe and all life was created by an explosion that no one can explain.

2. People who claim that all life on Earth was created by tiny microorganisms and they somehow "evolved" into the complex structures that we are today.

3. People who can explain how, but not why.

4. People who most likely have never been to church and don't even know the teachings from the churches
Atheists: Did you know that we were all created by a big explosion that came from nowhere?

Religious person: So why did that happen?

Atheists: ....uhh, well.....
by XJ104 June 13, 2009
atheists by majority are spoiled white people with jobs-also homosexual as this is great venue to attack church
give a human being too much in shelter food and no responsibility and just maybe their arrogance grows to such a point they dont believe in anyone above them as they transform into a scumbag atheists
by solomon sami azar January 26, 2010
People who deny the fact that some things simply cannot be explained through scientific observations and logical thinking. They deny the possibility that some things in this universe are beyond the understanding of humans. In other words, they do not believe that there is a God.
When a person who was paralysed for thier entire life suddenly gets healed when he/she get filled with the Holy Spirit, there is simply no scientific explanation to show for it. This is what we call Faith, and Faith can sometimes overflow human understanding. No, that person who was healed did not undergo a "rare coincidence," but rather a miracle as a rewarding example of his/her faith. However, some atheists would spend days, weeks, months, or even years trying to explain what had happened with science because they won't accept the fact that supernatural things do occur. (some of this borrowed from a Christian point of view)
by JonnyXYZ July 03, 2007
An atheist is a Christian who can think.
Q. Why did God punish Adam and Eve for eating from the evil tree of doom? Since God knows all, he knew they would eat from it when he gave them free will and told them not to. Yet he still punished all of humanity for eating an apple. That's like a parent telling their kid to stay out until eleven, kid stays out till eleven and gets yelled at. (They already knew he would, but they punished him anyway) Now, this doesn't seem so "all loving", so I was wondering if you (a Christian) could clear this up.

by renato June 06, 2005
1. A person who does not believe in a deity, but still has the common courtesy not to deliberately confront those with views that differ from his/hers.

2. Narrow minded, arrogant little bigots who offend those that believe in a god and devote there time trying to disprove religion, but funnily enough, strangely quiet when Christmas roll's around.
"Do onto others as they would do onto you"

That is all I ask of defintion 2 atheists (including Ant).
by Corpsio January 24, 2006
confused person; someone who could not tell the truth from delusion;
A stooge believes in something but not God. He is a goddamned atheist.
by zainorzainy January 30, 2009
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