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by Big Kahu May 29, 2013
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An atheist loser is what most atheists are. You only have to look at the first definition to see how insulting and bigoted atheists are. If you want to see more hate and intolerance displayed from them, simply look at the definition of God on this site where they insult not only Christians but everyone who follows a religion.

Contrary to the atheist loser's claims, not all Christians curse everyone to Hell and if they do curse the atheist loser to Hell, it's only when the atheist loser starts resorting to childish name-calling because they have had their atheism theory debunked (as usual).

If you want to see a civilization without religion, look at the Nazis who would led by their atheist leader Hitler who persecuted people of many religions (Jews, Christians, Sikhs). You may also want to look at Stalin and the Atheist Soviet Union who killed thousands in the name of atheism.

Atheism hasn't a single inch of evidence to vouch for it. Logic agrees that creation had to come from something and even The Big Bang theory (proposed by a Catholic priest) agrees with creation and states that the universe hasn't always existed.
It's more logical to assume that God guided the creation of the universe (hence why we see so much order and design) than to believe that the universe came from nothing which somehow managed to "think" and guide everything to form stars and planets.

Another example of an atheist loser is someone who is so offended at the idea of being designed that they aggressively attack all religions and ideas of God because they are content with believing that they are random accidents brought about for no reason. In theory, atheist losers hate themselves which is why they like to assume that everything was an accident.

98% of all atheists are atheist losers. The other 2% are mature respectable people who understand that there are many religious people are just as equally as decent.

Atheist loser: You dumb ass Christian! You believe in a fairy tale! FUCK YOU! You're brain dead! Ha ha ha ha!

Muslim: Not everyone who believes in God is a Christian and no, we that worship God do not believe in fairy tales. It is more logical to assume that God created the universe than to assume that it came from nothing. Give me one example of where nothingness or where chaos produces anything that shows design and order.


Christian: Ummm, no you don't. Give one example of where science debunks God.


Muslim: Atheist loser.
by RationalTruth February 20, 2013
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Synonym for the word Atheist:

A shallow, insecure, scared, and small person who does not believe in Gods existence, but tries their hardest to make fun of people who do not believe in one. Usually result in an epic fail because most are retarded.

Most Atheist losers are Goths, Emos, and just straight up gay. Atheist losers tend to be unathletic, unpopular, virgins as opposed to most Christian teens that are nice, popular at school, and excel in cool sports like football and lacrosse (winners at life and the afterlife). Atheists after school activities include cutting the wrist, running away from home, being mean to their christian parents because they believe in order, and going on websites like this, spamming definitions bashing christians because christians bash those low lifes at school.

Atheist losers try to act smart and say Christians believe in fantasies. They end up sounding straight up stupid. They are oblivious to the fact that most Christians interpret the bible in symbolism to life including; treating people fair, loving, and caring through the teachings of a man named Jesus of Nazareth<3. This is why kids are raised christian tend to be an all around successful person, rather than a fuck up atheist loser who ran away from home because he hated his parents for being Christian.

Atheists losers like many on this website (fags) think all Christians are extremists just like a hillbilly red neck would think all muslims are extremists. So basically an Atheist loser is a redneck who tries to act smart by saying science proves the bible wrong, but never explain their answer or show any work. That is not science, that is their research on dumb atheist websites instead of picking up a real book.

Some famous Atheist losers

Joseph Stalin

Vladimir Lenin

Karl Marx

Ron Jeremy's Cousin

Kim Jong-il

Kathy Griffin


Fidel Castro

+Millions of freaks whose names I don't know and don't care about.

Normal matured respectful Atheists:

Abraham Lincoln

Albert Einstein

Atheist loser: Woww all christians are soooo dumb wow the bible isn't real SCIENCE PROVES IT SCIENCE PROVES ALL!

Christian: How so?


Christian: Where's the science in that?

Atheist loser: uh.. well..uh fuck god he is a fag and jesus was not real!

Christian: Yeah I guess Jesus was fake and the biggest religion worldwide started from a fake man, thats good science buddy you're smart.

Atheist loser: I know, I'm good at science cause I'm atheist.

Christian: Well do you know the nuclear charge of Oxygen is?

Atheist loser: Uh umm well No that isn't science! Science is disproving christianity!

Christian: Hmm well you made it clear that you and most other ATHEIST LOSERS are retarded human beings and should be refered to as "it"... and the answer was 8 dumb ass its equal to its atomic number. Only a christian wouldn't know that, right atheist loser?

Atheist loser: uhh yea.. yea right.. I hate jesus and god even tho they don't exist,ahh jesus was never born but i still celebrate christmas, ahhh i have a little chode dick.
by Get RAP3D January 08, 2009
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What Christians believe all atheists are. This is primarily due to the bigotry and ignorance inherent in blind faith.

For examples of this viewpoint, simply peruse the religion section of Yahoo! Answers.
Christian: Hey! Atheist loser! You're going to hell you know!

Atheist: According to the other 5 billion people on the planet, so are you. Thankfully, your storybook myths hold no water when compared to objective reality. While it is sad that there is no life after death, and certainly a scary prospect, not dealing with that reality will only lead you to make poor decisions.
by BigKahuna2132 July 12, 2009
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