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Atheism is bullshit. Atheists are wrong for the sole fact that atheism is invalidated by Cause and Effect which is a scientific principle which declares that an effect must have a cause. Cause and Effect is a fundamental part of the scientific method which in turn is a fundamental part of practical science. Science has revealed to us that the universe had a beginning and that it began. Therefore it was the effect and according to C&E, it would need a cause. Therefore it's logical to assume the cause was God (i.e a creator).

Atheists try to get out of this by asserting that the cause was an energy source but was otherwise lifeless but this is refuted by deductive reasoning. Simply observing the natural cosmos reveals to us that an intelligence is needed even for simplistic mechanisms to function. Mindless chaos would never produce anything remotely resembling order or complexity.
The four fundamental forces of the universe (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear) and mechanisms such as gravity and evolution explain how but not why and they are all effects that begun with the Big Bang so they cannot be used as a means to explain the origin of anything. All things in motion require a cause. These mechanisms, and their design, reveal that there is an intelligence behind the universe as we able to use science and mathematics to study the universe and its scientific and mathematic cosmology.

Atheists are wrong for the sole fact that they use anecdotes and unsubstantiated claims rather than data or evidence. Atheism is bullshit.
by Skialian January 08, 2014
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