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derived from the Spanish word ATTENCION meaning attention,

Atencio is a name that holds talent to whoever has this for a name, a attentive person watching every angle, cunning , sharp. Usually a incredibly fit and handsome guy, he could say anything to a woman, and she'll fall in love with him. ladies you definitely hit the lottery when you catch one of these Atencio's . women want him men want to be him, could arguably be the most interesting guy in the world.
many Important men in todays culture have this name
X Atencio, creditied with the lyrics to "Yo hoe hoe its a pirates life for me."
John Atencio, famous Jeweler out of Colorado and world wide
Tom Atencio President and fight promoter of Affliction Clothing line
James M. Atencio famous painter/fighter/author /explorer/lover/chef/trained jcat killer.
"he's all the Atencio I need girlfriend."

"Hey baby, looks like you need some Atencio."

"I woke up and my cock was at full Atencio in my bed."
by Jkat Killah July 29, 2009