1.) A protocol in Linux which scheduals tasks.

2.) A word which makes "hackers" (washburn, p0rky) seem more intelligent than those who do not know what it means. However, intensive study has uncovered nobody cares about schedualing tasks in Linux, and those who say the word should immediatly commit suidice and kill any offspring produced before death.
h8 : at at at at at
p0rky : atttttt at at at
frozen : I do not believe in the existance of Allah, yet I am still now praying he sees fit to strike you down with painful anal sores.
by frozen November 09, 2004
the 2 letter acronym that surves no real meaning placed at the front of every single large imperial vehicle in the Star Wars series...

coincidentally; also the first 2 letters of what is possibly the worst phone company, and worst phone company name... ever: AT&T
Clone Trooper: engage the AAT
Rebel Soldier: destroy the AT-AT
Chad: I fear there is an evil greater than all of the AT-vehicles combined... AT&T
by Panthean April 23, 2008
a t
Anal teddy bear
A teddy bear that on repeated exposure one realises that recognisable anal retetnive tendancies are more often dipslayed than not
by Narinder April 01, 2003
a t
Ambitious Teddybear
A teddy bear that on first meeting comes acrss as a little ambitious
by Abraxus April 01, 2003
Short way of saying 'LOL @ whatever.' Instead of using "@" many u83r l337 h4x0rz just say 'at.'
<monox> at
<boburt> ok
<monox> washburning it, btw np
by monox March 16, 2004

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