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A scientific study for those who seek to understand the intricate ways of other worlds and galaxies because they’ve given up trying to fathom the ways of this one.
"I didn’t see this coming when I left Kansas for the Windy City. At the time I was in college, Loyola University, majoring in astronomy. Why astronomy? Simple, there wasn’t anything on Earth that could motivate me enough to go to an 8 AM class on a half-way regular basis."

My Keys to Success
Published in Crosscurrents Magazine 2006
by nethcev! August 20, 2006
Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies.
when i grow up i want to study astronomy
by omfgnowayitssamm September 30, 2007
the study of planets, stars, the universe e.c.t.

Comes from the word Astro, which is latin for star and nomy which meens system of rules, laws, or knowledge of a particular field

This word is often confused with astrology, which is the study of planets/sun/moon and how it relates to human behavhiour
The stars are so beautiful, I think I want to study astronomy
by hamsterhamster December 15, 2008

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