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This is not correlating to the actual scientific term in any way, shape, or form. This is strictly slang I originated for other purposes.

My term Astronaut Suit refers to anything clothing item you possess that can make you feel "flyer" than anybody.

And being a known fact, the Astronaut flies higher than any human on Earth. Higher than a Commercial Jet Pilot. Higher than an Air Force Member piloting an F18. So high, that they reach the upper Thermosphere and eventually Space.

A White Tuxedo is a great example of an Astronaut Suit.

A true Astronaut Suit is a very rare sighting because it strictly enforces the simultaneous possession of a White Tuxedo, White Dress Shoes, White Gloves, White AGV Helmet with Gold Visor, and is completed by the individuals riding of an all White MV Agusta F4 Tamburini 1000. Which will be custom painted because this Italian - crafted Superbike is only available to the public in Black, Grey, and Red.

Combine these elements and you have yourself a fully licensed Astronaut Suit.

On another helpful note - Astronaut Suits are most properly found cruising the lower layers of our Atmosphere. Most commonly the Troposphere. In this layer you can see the sights and use the Sun's direct rays you illuminate your silhouette, guaran-fucking-teeing your presence to be acknowledged.

When patroling the lower Atmosphere in your licensed suit, be sure to stop by the Himalayan Mountain chain to pass over Mt. Everest and cause the highest level of Albedo ever recorded on Earth. It will be easily recorded because everything within a 6,000 mile radius will go temporarily blind from your epicness. Class dismissed
"Flyly" Dressed Human - "That a fucking fighter jet or am I really seeing this fool ride a crotch rocket across the sky?"

Truth be known, the fighter jet this "flyly" dressed man is describing is actually not a fighter jet. It is a Human Being like you or me. He/She is properly exercising his/her Astronaut Suit.
by 3rd Ranger Battalion March 03, 2009
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