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Good Bye, So Long.
When Arnold Says "Asta La Vista Baby" Before He Kills Someone
He Really Means Good Bye Baby! Boom!
by N!cky T. October 25, 2008
25 43
1. It means "Spear to View" in Spanish.
2. What idiots think means goodbye in Spanish.
3. The misspelling of Hasta La Vista.
Those idiots think that Hasta La Vista is spelled Asta La Vista meaning spear the view....
by shdwsclan June 14, 2009
101 41
1), a website filled with useful viruses, IM programmes, hacktools and links to thousands of warez sites.

2) to use a tool from 1) to do physical damage to someone's computer software or website.
I'm gonna astalavista your aim and find your IP, motherfucker.
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
23 19