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When somebody questions another and takes the opposite viewpoint on a particular subject in a way to provoke thinking, they play devils advocate. Asshole's advocate does the same, but makes himself look like a total fucking asshole.
Devils Advocate:
Jim: The government should really crack down on gun owners. With stricter laws, people would be safer from criminals.

Bob: Then what happens if the government takes away guns, and a criminal comes in with a weapon off the black market. What do you do? I'm just playing devil's advocate.

Asshole's Advocate:
Bill: I think I'll leave college a couple years early. I would be happier pursing my passion for art than I would getting my law degree.

Steve: Then what will you do when somebody says to your face that you're a fucking failure and an art bitch who flunked out of school? Then your shitty art goes nowhere and you can't get a job because you're fucking stupid. I'm just playing devil's advocate.

Bill: You're playing asshole's advocate you judgmental piece of crap.
by rogerthewhale December 13, 2012

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