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ass·bowl n. non-vulgar version of asshole suitable for on air broadcasting
Yeah Alanis, you sound like a real assbowl.
by LeisureSuitLink May 19, 2004
Much like the famous Rose Bowl, this athletic event is a competition to see which of your friends can grab the most ass in one school school....teachers are worth two touchdowns.
I won the latest Assbowl game, but i got three detentions for "molesting teachers" was bullshit, but i still won.
by 10110101011001 December 03, 2008
the last hit in the pipe that occasionally gets pulled through into your mouthular cavity - producing a coughing, spitting, near-wretching effect - often resulting in undesirable yet hilarious consequences
Dude, I think there's one more hit in this pipe but it's probably some assbowl
by bonedoggy March 22, 2004

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