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(n). A form of rash that develops following the waxing of body hair.
"I've got the this assange across my chest after my wax yesterday."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
3 1
To have sex with a consenting partner in the morning hours without a condom and later be accused of sexual violation aka "sex by surprise"
Damn, this morning when we were spooning after a night of great sex, Matt assanged me. He is a terrorist and should be hunted down and assassinated!!
by half japanese girl December 03, 2010
90 34
(v.): To prosecute somebody for one offence because you can't or won't prosecute them for what you actually want them convicted of; to charge somebody you believe has comitted a crime with the wrong offence.

Named in honour of Julian Assange, the first prominent case of Assanging.
Lawyer: "My client has been Assanged."

Press: "Police claim littering should be charged as more serious vandalism-type offences because it 'damages the street' but campaign groups say that is 'blatant Assanging'."

Defendant: "I did these things, your honour, I've not been framed - I've been Assanged!"

Judge: "In throwing out this case I must wonder why the prosecution believed they could Assange this man."
by TheScottishMafia December 08, 2010
58 18
- To rage quit a video game you're losing at or some other uncomfortable scenario. Like when Julian Assange gets mad at interviews and storms out.

- To throw a tantrum and act like a child.
Man, I was pwning noobs at COD and the host straight Assanged us.

My wife wouldn't leave me alone about the chores so I had to Assange up outta there.

Haha, this noob couldn't handle the debate so he had to Assange.
by awfulrofl December 20, 2010
46 24
(v). To move across a dance floor surface, specifically one that's lit from underneath.
"Let's assange our way across the dance floor."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
5 0
(v). To function correctly.
"It's so damn hot and my air conditioner won't assange."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
6 2
(v). To prepare (food) by the use of heat, as by boiling, baking, or roasting.
The steak was well-assanged.
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
4 0
(v). The act of blowing loving comments; pleasant remarks; sperm into the ear of a lover.
"He likes to assange into a girl's ear."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
4 1