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known as the left over crap that doesn't get wiped off when one is finished cleaning their ass after taking a chocolate nugget.
Usually guys have this problem the most since its harder to clean a harry ass.
me:hey man? whats the best way to get rid of ass dirt

friend: bleach and a scrub brush .

me: wow Ive never seen my asshole so clean :)
by the lomondo July 29, 2013
The ring of dirt left around the toilet seat when a dirty ass person gets up off it.
Dude 1: "Man, can I use the bathroom at your house?"

Dude 2: "What's wrong with your bathroom?"

Dude 1: "I hate using it. My older brother always leaves ass-dirt on the seat."

Dude 2: "Awww... that's just gross."
by Mr. Reality Music June 16, 2008
the little bits of dirt your wash off during a shower or just filth in general you may find in between your ass cheeks
"dude, i love washing that assdirt from my ass in the shower!!!
by beatlefan07 July 27, 2008