The lowest life form in the workplace not only trying to butter up to the boss or manager but to his superiors and even to the regional or company CEO.
The President of the company came to the store to visit but that little ass kisser ruined his visit by kissing up to him and giving a gift to him making the other co-worker very angry with her.
by Bigg3469 February 27, 2014
An Ass Kisser is SOMEONE who lets a evil person crap all over them, and excepts it, then, in return The ASS KISSER does great things to try to make the evil person happy. The ASS KISSERS life revolves around the evil persons feelings and what the evil persons needs and wants are...
CAROL: Lisa ruined My wedding! She Fought with My whole family! I'm baby sitting Her kids this weekend.

CAROL: Lisa started a fight between Me and My Husband Again! I'm having Her over for Our picnic.

CAROL: Lisa ruined the pinic! I can't believe what She did!?

CAROL: Lisa ruined Easter! Are you guys coming to her house for Memorial Day?

CAROL: Lisa M. ruined Christmas Eve at My house! We went to her house Christmas morning:)

CAROL: Lisa lost her Driver license cause all the DUIs , I'm driving Her everywhere and She's Screaming at Me.I gotta go! Lisa needs a ride to the store!

CAROL: What's wrong with You? I accept People for WHO & WHAT THEY ARE!

Me: Oh My God CAROL, YOU ARE AN Ass Kisser !!!
by I'm NOT Carol July 10, 2008
A politician because they have to please everone to get elected. In other words to kiss there asses.
Did you hear that ass kisser on tv?
by Deep Blue 2012 September 08, 2009
Someone who bears down with their rectum forcing it onto the back of a toilet seat before they wipe.
Some ass kisser left their mark on this public toilet.
by road smoker February 28, 2008
Phillip Quatrocchi, totall but kisser and pepe muncher
"Mrs. Klein your are the greatest mother ever, why cant you be mine?"
" o phil dont be such an ass kisser."
by mylesklein April 03, 2007
an agent; a lawyer
Artie Hall
by m,fmfmfmnfmnmfmmfgmmf April 25, 2003
The smart kind in the front of the class
That kid is a ass kisser
by The man December 14, 1999

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