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1. Anal secretion emitted by a women during anal sex. Unlike pussy secretions which leak out of a women's vagina before intercourse, when she becomes aroused or intensly after orgasm, ass nectar only comes into play during intense anal intercourse. Also known as butt-lube and ass-juice, anal nectar is imperative for a good ass-fucking.

2. Natural anal lubricant produced in a women's asshole during anal sex.
"This chick wanted anal last night, so after I had it buried in her booty for like 2 minutes, I already had mad

Ass Nectar on my cock."
by Cuddy13 May 23, 2009
Holy Crap! Don't go in the kitchen, the plumber is in there and he has been under the sink for an hour. Boy dose it smell like Ass nectar in there."
by Justcauz May 29, 2005
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