A reputable high school located in the upper north shore region of Sydney. Asquith boys prides itself in its provision of exceptional learning opportunities for boys. Its quality facilities and teaching staff sets the bar for boys education statewide. The school has a small, yet elite student population of about 650 students.
Asquith boys = awesome
by Szabz April 29, 2009
Top Definition
A dodgy, underfunded high school in an area so far north of civilised Sydney there really should be cattle grazing there.
Also has undoubtably the worst team in the senior Indoor Soccer Comp.
Man, Asquith boys are so shit at Indoor. I can't believe I actually kept a clean sheet against them.
by Tom December 16, 2004
hey karl and emma i no 1 dude hoo went to asquith boys (well at least i think he did) nice guy wat about me rox
meh to the example
by laura February 07, 2004
Hi Penny,its Baynie, saw u added the entry above. Its not entirely true. Some good students have come out of Asquith Boys like Garry Frost, the lead singer of the band Moving Pictures who sung 'what about me'. I have always loved this song but now many other people do as shannon from australian idol sung it. i was moving pictures original no. 1 fan!!!
Garry Frost went to Asquith Boys
by Emma November 16, 2003
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