A commonly undiagnosed disorder in which a subject must go through life trapped in an emotional minefield of their own creation. Too many disasterous mistakes resulting from the subject's attempts to interact with the landscape surrounding them will usually result in a severely decreased will to act at all in any obviously expressable manner in particular, sometimes manifested as cold social apathy. Within this socially crippled state, the mind seems to mysteriously compensate by responding with a defense mechanism of intensely attuned perceptive sensitivity and analytical prowess which borders on obsessiveness. Because of this, subjects may often be viewed as highly irritable, insanely complex, or at times annoyingly condescending and arrogant.
You feel trapped in the endless frustration of existing in an environment which is unable to comprehend your inability to understand the inexplicable mystery behind what moves them on a seemingly basic level
by qwertie March 02, 2005
1. Asperger's Syndrome is a real mental/communication syndrome
2. People with Asperger's Syndrome are known as aspies, but there are fake "aspies" who claim to have the syndrome.
3. Authentic aspies will most likely never, ever out loud claim to be an aspie and claim it with pride, in fact real aspies tend to be a bit ashamed or very shy of their disorder.
4. Fake aspies wear their often times self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome with pride
5. Authentic aspies will do what they do best rather than mess with people and use their Asperger's as a crutch, that is also the whole point of the disorder, you excel at one subject whereas you lack at social skills.
6. Fake aspies will often bother people about their "disorder."
7. Authentic aspies will, despite lacking in social skills, try and make an effort to get along with people outside their comfort zone while fakes will hate people who aren't like them.
(example) Todd and Ricardo are two boys who actually have Asperger's syndrome, Kyle is a fake aspie who is actually just another annoying emo kid.

Todd- Hey, Ricardo, I'm going to pwn you in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars again!
Ricardo- They hell you will, I just realized that the Scrin aren't as good as EA games wants us to think, I'm going to play as Nod for now on!
Todd- GDI will still kick your ass, besides, in the whole C&C story, GDI was the victor in the First Tiberium War, Second and will be in the third! Oh yea, we have a cooler superweapon...THE ION CANNON!
-Kyle comes in wearing overpriced Hot Topic crap-
Kyle- Those football players tackled me into the wall and took my Chinese (made in China) magical charms.
Ricardo- dude, maybe you shouldn't have said all that shit to them earlier today, I saw you talk crap to the linebacker.
Kyle- Let's put a stinkbomb into the locker room!
Todd- Let's not, I have a really good friend who's the Quarterback of the school's team! He's my dueling buddy on C&C Generals too!
Richardo- Hey, let's play C&C Generals instead! I call US Laser General "Pinpoint and Chinese Infantry General "Anvil" Shin Fai
Todd- I call Dr. Thrax and Chinese Nuke General Tsing Shi Tao!
Kyle- Man, screw you fake aspies!
by C&C Chinese Nod General August 28, 2007
A syndrome which as it's causes and ouputs questioned by many if it is a syndrome not too that those people know nothing of psychology and medicine.

It is a fact that all asperger's miss a certain type of protein in their blood so it can't be a subjective matter, it is indeed caused by the 'disfunction' of something.

Of course you have all kinds of asperger's even some that can function in a normal invironment and claim the decease is not understood and that they are misintepreted and wronged. Erm well.. 50 years ago I wouldn't have been an asperger, my reluctance to make eyecontact or my agression towards people that don't use SI units would have just been beaten out of me, and because that wouldn't work I would've been marked as stubborn. Now I'm getting extra (money costing) help by the goverment to guide me in my life so shut the frogpie up that asperger's isn't understoot, that's nonsense. Of course on the other hand you have the people that fail too see that it is in fact a disorder caused by a genetic imperfection that alters the way the mind of the specimen works.

It is not the case that it are character traits everyone has, that's how it would apear to someone unfamilair with psychology, asperger's have totally different motivations. For instance some won't like being touched, not because they don't like the person but because they are oversensity to stimulus and a shock goes through their entire body when they are touched, others will defend themselves when they are neared in a way that would seem as if they don't like the person nearing them while really the see it as if the person is trying to attack them.
As early as 2 years old they noticed I couldn't make normal contact, at 4 year old it was shown that my intellect was unusually high, at 6 years old I was heavely depressed at school and frustrated and affraid of the children around me without realising that myself. At 8 years old I was put into and institute which labled me an asperger's syndromer, now, seventeen years old with antipsychotics medication I can to somewhat of an extend have friendships although they aren't really healthy because I'm always paranoid about the intentions of my friends though I try to ignore that. Eventually I'll study physics.

(Really happened)
by Amar van Leeuwaarde January 08, 2006
Cannot maintain a casual conversation?
Act inappropriately to responses made in social situations quite alot of the time?
See cycles in your life where you gain friends, fuck things up socially, lose friends, then isolate yourself and wonder where it all went wrong?
Cannot seem to understand other persons?

Maybe you have Asperger's Syndrome! Enjoy the fun of trying to relate to others but just not quite getting it! Enjoy being part of a large group of social retards that cannot even associate with each other! Enjoy the loneliness and isolation you unintentionally bring upon yourself! Wow!
I suspect I have Asperger's Syndrome, but have never talked to anyone about it. Irony?
by Tracing_Monkey September 08, 2006
A disorder which keeps people from having successful social interactions, and poor motor skills, and various other shit. They however carry on skill such as obssession with a certain subject to an extent, although very few people have such an obbession.

Most people with this are like those loners that stand or sit at lunch by themselves in school, or those people getting bullied everyday, or a those people that live with their moms and dads after dropping out of college, or those homeless people that ask for money out of tourists pockets.

The lucky ones however, those that can miraclously learn how to socially interact and make friends easily can live a normal life while those who aren't as lucky end up as lonely criminals, drug dealers, terrorists, homeless, and poor people.
Asperger's Syndrome is one of the causes of poverty in the industrialized world.
by D Baggerd September 26, 2006
A mental disorder (I think that's the right term) which is basically a milder form of autism. It varies from person to person.

It has many symptoms, but if you call them that, instead of the more PC, "tendancies" then you are automatically an asshole.
Some tendencies include:
Being awesome at math (because rain man says we are).
Not being able to make jokes (or friends).
Unintentionally acting like an asshole, even though we may spend a lot of time trying to act like what normal people do, 'n stuff.
Apparently choosing to be like this.
Getting bullied.
Being bullies.
Having our parents being blamed for our condition.
Being told that our problems aren't as bad or important as those faced by people with high functioning autism, even though the main difference is the time we start speaking.
Having to deal with idiots who self diagnose because they dont like being around people all the time.
Using our diagnosis as a "get out of jail free" card.
Liking MLP.
Zach: "hello, how are you"
Aspie Aaron: "I'm alright"
Z: "what a fucking dick!"
AA: "I'm sorry, I have asperger's syndrome, I'm not to good at conversations."
Z: "Now you're using your diagnosis as an excuse?"
AA: "No, I was just explaining..."
Z: "What a fucking dick!
by That damn aspie! October 22, 2015
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