A form of higher functioning autism. Generally, victims or of average to above average intelligence, most notably being both creative and extremely gifted in subjects which require logical thought such as mathematics. While academically Asperger's Syndrome sufferers excel, their development of social skills is limited. Generally, a victim will lack the words to say something, the inclination to say something or the guts to say what they feel, often too nervous or intimidated to enter conversation. In addition, they despise eye contact, dislike being hugged and value their personal space. Some may have seemingly odd habits such as flapping their hands, but not all. Also, narrow and somewhat peculiar hobbies are common. Those with AS tend to have an extremely active or extremely passive lifestyle, lack of self esteem, problems sleeping, generaly use very informal, complex language during conversation and, unlike loners, actually wish to fit in.
Bill Gates has Asperger's Syndrome, and there is believed to be a strong possibility that Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein also had this form of autism.

While trying to be modest, I do have above average intelligence, excelling in logical thinking subjects such as mathematics and philosophy. Whenever I want to say something I never know the way how, just shutting up and listening to the rest of the conversation. I try to avoid eye contact, often viewing it as a sign of impoliteness for me to make eye contact with someone walking by, dislike being hugged and apparently (according to old school reports, not my memory) attacked other children who invaded my space at the age of 5. I do not have any odd habits, but odd hobbies such as breakdancing and drawing anime art. I have an extremely passive lifestyle (in laymen's terms, im a lazy sod), low confidence, sleeping problems, use large polysyllabic words in general conversation and, like an Asperger's Syndrome sufferer, wish to fit in. I probably have Asperger's.
by SuXEed October 12, 2005
the only disorder where "sufferers" have fuck all in common with eachother because all "symptoms" are normal personality traits that everyone in the world has at least one of.
there is no such thing as asperger's syndrome
by big davey January 01, 2006
Brain scans show it to be very, very real. People with Asperger's are also more prone to autoimmune disorders like Lupus and Diabetes.
My brother has Asperger's Syndrome.
by Howard P December 17, 2007
Imagine a tiny pill, half the size of a tic-tac. This pill contains all of the symptoms of full-blown autism. Then crush that pill up and dissolve it into an Olympic swimming pool.

That is Asperger's syndrome.

Basically, some whiny teenage emo outcasts figured out that they kind of were autistic, but only just a teeny bit. Then they started making this bullshit movement for other whiny ~unique~ teenagers to join them. So that they could all meet together on the Internet and have a giant fucking circlejerk about how ''UNIQUE'' and ''MISUNDERSTOOD'' they are. And got a few dipshit doctors to vouch for them.

Hey, it's cool that you're an emo freak of nature and you can't make eye contact, or stand tags on clothing. Lots of people have weird little quirks like that. In fact, everyone on Earth does. But when you claim it's a disorder and associate it with a REAL disorder like autism, and then have the nerve to prance around like your shit don't stink, then you can just go fuck yourself. And then go back to your hug-box, ass pie.
Attention-whoring Emo Asspie Dickhead: "Fear my Vulcan mind-abilities, puny earthling, for I have Asperger's syndrome!"

Oh, and before you press that little thumbs-down button, let it be known that I was formerly diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome; I meet all the criteria. But I also have a cousin my age who has very severe autism. Therefore, I don't believe it's right for me to go "waltzing" around like I'm so special and that I have REAL mental problems and that everyone should appreciate my speshulnessssssssss.
by Kongamuse January 03, 2011
A self-diagnosed developmental disorder contracted by reading the Wikipedia page about the condition. Having Asperger's means that you are smarter than everyone else and it totally forgives all of the lazy anti-social choices you make in life.
I'm not Emo, I have Asperger's syndrome!
by Cleedo April 13, 2008
A real-life mental disorder, related to autism, that only about 2-3% of people claiming to have it have actually been professionally diagnosed by a psychologist.

Sometimes known as "Ass Burgers". Sufferers (emphasis on sufferers) are sometimes calles Aspies or "ass pies".
Here's a protip: People with mental disorders usually don't brag about it like it's a badge of honor, especially a form of autism. It's always worth a good laugh to see every awkward, socially-inept, angsty teenager who has ever gotten beat up by the "jocks" in school claim to have Asperger's Syndrome to justify being an utter loser.
by radium March 21, 2006
Asperger's syndrome is a disease that is a mild variant of autism. "Aspies" tend to have the same social, organizational, and sensory difficulties as other autistic individuals, but their intelligence, communication and developmental abilities are not as affected by their disease as their peers. They also may exibit the same symptoms as their peers with ADD or ADHD (concentration, tendency to create errors due to speed, etc). Many adults that were simply "daydreamers" are now believed or known to be diagnosed with this disease. Many are NOT emotionally disturbed and may go on to lead sucessful (college, job, family, independant) lives.
Some of the greatest human minds are believed to be autistic; Albert Einstien and Thomas Edison are among them. Asperger's syndrome also affects the lives of many non-famous people.
by Jessica B February 19, 2006
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