A form of higher functioning autism. Generally, victims or of average to above average intelligence, most notably being both creative and extremely gifted in subjects which require logical thought such as mathematics. While academically Asperger's Syndrome sufferers excel, their development of social skills is limited. Generally, a victim will lack the words to say something, the inclination to say something or the guts to say what they feel, often too nervous or intimidated to enter conversation. In addition, they despise eye contact, dislike being hugged and value their personal space. Some may have seemingly odd habits such as flapping their hands, but not all. Also, narrow and somewhat peculiar hobbies are common. Those with AS tend to have an extremely active or extremely passive lifestyle, lack of self esteem, problems sleeping, generaly use very informal, complex language during conversation and, unlike loners, actually wish to fit in.
Bill Gates has Asperger's Syndrome, and there is believed to be a strong possibility that Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein also had this form of autism.

While trying to be modest, I do have above average intelligence, excelling in logical thinking subjects such as mathematics and philosophy. Whenever I want to say something I never know the way how, just shutting up and listening to the rest of the conversation. I try to avoid eye contact, often viewing it as a sign of impoliteness for me to make eye contact with someone walking by, dislike being hugged and apparently (according to old school reports, not my memory) attacked other children who invaded my space at the age of 5. I do not have any odd habits, but odd hobbies such as breakdancing and drawing anime art. I have an extremely passive lifestyle (in laymen's terms, im a lazy sod), low confidence, sleeping problems, use large polysyllabic words in general conversation and, like an Asperger's Syndrome sufferer, wish to fit in. I probably have Asperger's.
by SuXEed October 12, 2005
A word I've been accustomed to since age 11.

It's a real thing and can be beneficial and allowing the "aspie" to think in a different way beneficial to everyone to break up the demon of monotonous conformity which is deemed by the collective human opinion as dangerous! lol

But at times, it can indeed be rather crippling to the individual who has it.


1) I have a stereotypy of rapidly shaking my right leg up on the front of the foot at machinegun speed and I have occassional weird finger twitching in response to a sensory experience deemed strange/weird or unpleasant or when making a point.

2) I have problems with eye contact.

3) Social anxiety is common when trying to do some things.

4) Depression is common from dealing with having a hard time dealing with surroundings and change.

5) Verbose, pedantic, and idiosyncratic language. I was always know for having a wide vocabulary.

6) We tend often to be more on logic.

7) We also tend to think in pictures.

8) Preoccupation with a subject of interest, ranging from the practical to the esoteric. It can be virtually anything.

It's a real thing that can range from being hard to deal with to a definite aid to add onto societies even if we are sometimes on that edge.

But be aware that the depictions and displays of those of with AS are often exaggerated. We're not all geniuses as the IQ level of us often ranges from average to above average. But we can provide a refreshing look on things.
I have Asperger's Syndrome! I know it! I love it! I'm proud of it! And damn anyone who plans to eliminate it as a diagnosis or category! And I would have made a longer explanation but the damn 1500 character limit on the explanation killed that! lol
by Jack694 December 06, 2009
Asperger's Syndrome is at this time an incurable condition, which occurs mainly in males, although females can inheret this disorder. Asperger's is on the ASD (Autistic Spectrum disorder). It is therefore linked With Autism. Those who suffer with autism, are on the higher end of the autistic Spectrum, whereas those with Asperger's tend to be on the milder end of the scale. The main difficulty people find with having Asperger's is social interaction with others. Asperger's cannot be defined by one set of Characteristics, because those with AS, don't have exactly the same difficulties that another individual with Asperger's may have.

Common characteristics those with Asperger's tend to display are... difficulties with eye contact, difficulty empathizing with others, Obsessive Complusive Behaviour and feeling uncomfortable standing out from the crowd. There are many more symptoms which can be part of this condition.

Other Terminology used for Asperger's Syndrome are: AS. Aspie, Asperger's, Autism, mild autism, Asperger's Disorder.

There are often misconceptions about Asperger's and Autism. Some people who are narrow minded, describe autism/AS as a "teenage phase" or an "excuse for being a loner" However these descriptions are inaccurate. Asperger's was discovered by Hans Asperger, a psychiatric doctor in 1944. This condition is not an excuse for having difficulty with social development. It is a real disorder, which affects individuals more than the Neurotypical person will know.
OK, so what is Asperger's Syndrome?
It is a disoder that can affect the AS individuals in different ways, dependant upon their specific diagnosis; mild to severe. A usual difficulty those with AS find is social interaction.
by xctinax December 21, 2006
A physicall nerologicall disorder. The connections in the brain which allow social interaction to be instinctive are either damaged or not there . A person not on the autistic spectrum finds this concept vey hard to get to grips with because social interaction is completly instinctive from birth. Aspies have to learn this like a life skill so it is not in thier nature. Abnormalities have been spotted in the brains of autistic / aspie people during brain scans.To say the condition doesnt exist entierly does not stick. People who use this conditon like some "medal of honor" or "I am the chosen one"rubbish .Highly likely dont have the disorder since many people with the condition do not fling it around like a trophy. The condition appears to have become a "fashion accessory" over the past few years to explaine away poor behavyor. The lable dislexia is also abused in this way.
One key element is that on MRI images has shown that the Aspergers syndrome /autistic brain has to work harder processing faces,body language,large amount of information ,verbal information ect. Which the avaerage person will not even fret about. This can cause the aspie/autie to appear slow and dim.Sometimes the information is processed incorrectly and results in an incorrect/
inappropriate response.
by Kulifish July 02, 2009
Reading many of the definitions on here,there seems to be a lot of confusion about the condition.
A mental disorder affects your day to day abilities,thoughts,feelings,perception and basically everything.If someone is diagnosed with aspergers just because they are a bit eccentric,but can function exactly the same as anyone else,then maybe they shouldn't be classed as having a real disorder.I can tell you,i've met LOADS with aspergers that have no difficulties with mixing,understanding or anything.In fact maybe they just have insomnia or are hyper or like starwars!
Out of the 15 i met,only 1 was genuinely handicapped and the other 1 had intellectual issues,so basically,they were only 2 that had limitations.The rest just didn't like the tags on their clothing or something that didn't affect their life,yet me,who has severe anxiety,limitations,learning difficulties,day to day functioning issues e.g. shopping,catching the bus,cooking,speaking to people i don't know,everything like that really badly!-got left,yet all the ones who just were funny about clothing got 100 times more support than i did,so either aspergers is too minor for me to have with my scrambled brain (believe it or not,i have noticeable limitations to what i can do.I mean,i can do about as much as a 7 year old and i'm 16!) or aspergers is diagnosed to just anybody with a weird quirk?
aspergers syndrome is real,but bear in mind,a mental disorder disables you!
by catonia January 17, 2009
The real Asperger's Syndrome is part of autism. However, some posers decide to be "autistic" and start self-diagnosing themselves as those who Asperger's Syndrome. Not only do they make it seem more like a poser disorder, they make real aspies want to beat the living shit out of them.

The example would be an emo kid who labels herself having Asperger's without a doctor who knows shit. I'm not much into emo shit so I knew that emos try to look cool using other people's diagnoses. What about being Bi-Polar and having that emo use that diagnosis sent by the doctor instead?
BTW, I know better than to proclaim to have Asperger's Syndrome even though I'm been diagnosed with one by the doctor. It is not glamorous or hot. In fact, it makes me too much like Phil Fry when I walk around in the city.
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008
A relatively mild variant of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), marked by a watered-down version of autistic symptoms (e.g., poor social skills and communication) but perfectly intact language and intellectual abilities, which may range from average to unmeasurable genius. It is often associated with high IQ as their need for logic and often above-average mathematical and scientific skills make them STEM graduates.
Albert Einstein is hypothesised to have had Asperger's Syndrome.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
A terrible, debilitating social and psychological disorder. Symptoms tend to include high intelligence, saying what you mean, being straightforward and realizing that the majority of social interactions are bullshit. Contrary to popular belief, the disorder does not inhibit ability to have feelings or cause an inability to empathize or have friends. There is no cure for Asperger's syndrome, and sufferers are burdened by having to put up with people's patronizing small talk for their whole lives. People with Asperger's are actually the normal ones, it's just that most people are melodramatic morons who insist on overthinking everything and pretending that they're being subtle.
Neurotypical person 1:how are you feeling today?
Neurotypical person 2: Fine (trying to indicate that they feel like shit).
Asperger's Syndrome "sufferer": Fine (indicating that they feel fine WHICH IS WHY THEY FUCKING SAID FINE)
by Anonopoly May 27, 2015
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