Asian parents are the sole parental units and source of guidance for their children. Although often accepted and respected by their peers in the community as members of society, it is common knowledge among their children that they are actually controlling and manipulative with old fashioned ideals, ridiculously high expectations, and no care in the world for the actual dreams and desires of their progeny. Most, but luckily not all, Asian children are subject to the strict rulings constantly doled out by their parents. A traditional Asian upbringing will often include harsh rules which prevent children from ever being themselves or being with the few friends they are allowed to have, and will instead force upon them summers and free weekends anguishing over textbooks of material they are not expected to cover in years. Grades below an A are completely unacceptable and the children will be made aware of this well before they even begin school, as every exploit -from walking to talking-will be made a competition between children and the children of his parents peers. Addionally, Asian children are expected to do exceptionally in a great deal of extra-curriculars, most notably music and school clubs. Awards and honors are practically a must. Asian parents will provide eternal self-degradation due to the fact that they consistently compare their children to other equally suffering Asian children who succeeded after many miserable years of no fun and back-breaking studying. Most victims of this sort of abuse end up never feeling worthy of love or success, and never feel that they are "enough" for their parents. The method, admittedly, does work and so most Asian children do end up at some of the greatest schools. However, this is at the great cost of the children's emotional and mental stability -no doubt reflected in the incredible percentage of Asian students in depression or suicidal. Those who do make it through their higher education will be guilted by the antiquated sense of filial piety instilled within them by their parents and most likely seek a career in medicine or law as their parents wish.
Child: Well, maybe I don't want to go to Harvard! Maybe I want to go to art school!
Parents: NO MOTIVATION! YOU ARE NOTHING! No one with sense would pursue a career like art. Art will not feed your old parents when we are old and retired. Stephanie Wang has more work than you, but SHE STILL PLAYS VIOLIN ALL THE TIME, AND NOW SHE'S GOING TO YALE!
Child: Well, I'm not perfect. You caught me!
by tiredoflivingstrangersdreams June 04, 2009

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Asian parents are not your typical white or any other race parents.. Here are the diffrences that make us asian teenagers more depressed then other people(this concerns 90% of the asians that are living in Canada or U.S)
1)We DO NOT get allowance

2)We DO NOT get to stay up till past 10pm supposivly due to affecting our grades

3)The only thing that our parents make for dinner is RICE AND FISH, RICE AND FRIED CHICKEN, RICE SOUP FRIED FISH, RICE MONGO FISH.

4)If you get below a B then they take something you love or like to do away from you until you get back up in next semester

5)THEY HIT US, mom bitch slaps, Dad throws you against wall or gets the belt and whips you until you start crying.

6)They CONTROL your life.. Your personality, what you believe in, your appearance.. and if you refuse what they tell you to do, they will take your computer away and ruin MY FUCKIN GAMING CAREER CAS IM ONLY ALLOWED 6 HOURS A DAY AND they didnt let me go to Dallas Texas which was $400 for plane that i was able to pay for myself that cud of ended up with 7 grand and it was during the summer break FFS >_< ...... I wanted to be a pro gamer, or a garbage man, not a fuckin doctor!! im too lazy and dumb to be a doctor so stop telling me i have to be a godamn doctor.. I WISH I HAD WHITE PARENTS GODAMIT!!

7)You have basicaly have to do all the chores in the house..
word of advice, do not get ur driving license until you move out of your asian parents house, or it will be a "Go to the supermarket and get ricebags license"
Asshole dad: "Get a haircut your hair is too long, you like a girl u fag"(actual quote)

Me: No! its my hair stop telling me what i have to look like.

Asshole dad: "If you dont shave ur head then im taking away the computer until u get ur haircut"

Me: Aw shit WTF..
*Gets a 12 year old haircut*

Asian parents are like living in thier generation planting seeds in the rice farms
by March 20, 2008

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Asian parents.... they seem like any other type of parents... don't they? Well, I guess you're wrong. These are the people that start getting a whole load of us Asian kids upset. Here are some things that happened to me:

1. Not letting their kids play real sport, like rugby union, claming that it will affect their studies and it's too dangerous. Eventually, they'll let you play... but you gotta wait forever.

2. If you don't get good grades, you're screwed. They'll hit you and kill you until you promise to study harder for the next exam.

3. They don't care about your physical health and social life, they just care about your studies.

4. They want you to be a doctor/dentist. No way...

5. They want the best school for you... no matter if it's 2 hours away.

6. You got all A's and just one F in your report card. They'll kill you and belt you for that F.

7. Your parents see a girl hug you at the age of 16. They belt you because the girl hugged you.

8. You play games for over one hour. Asian parents will kill you for it.

9. Got into a sporting gala day? Asian parents wont let you go because they're worried about you missing out on a day of school. Gosh damn, it's only ONE DAY!

10. Every evening it's rice, rice, rice and more rice.

11. "Don't watch MTV, study! You're wasting your time on watching uselsss music videos!" says Asian parents.

These are just 11 of thousands of wrong things that Asian parents do to you. From this, it is sensible to infer that a majority of Asian parents are just dickwads.
I got 97% in my test, my Asian parents are going to kill me. - Typical Asian kid

I got a Satisfactory in my report... I'm dead. - Typical Asian kid dictated by Asian parents

Fuck! I'm into summer school, when did I even register? - Asian kid
by Screw Asian Parents June 19, 2008

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(This applies to a majority of asian kids in the US) The reason Asian kids in are very depressed, here are the charateristics of them:

1. THEY ARE OBSESSIVE ABOUT YOUR GRADES. They want you to go to a good college like a UC or Harvard and stuff and get tons of scholarships and be rich lawyer or doctor. Here are grade when it comes to asian parents:
A - Asian standard, the only acceptable grade.
B - Bad
C - Catastrophe
D - Death
F - F***'d
Tip- DO NOT tell them you have a bad grade when they are in the kitchen! Most of my fellow asians in my town keep shoes near the kitchen area, if you tell an asian parent you bad grade in the kitchen you could get shoes thrown at you, you could get maimed by utensils and if they are near the knifes you are just plain screwed.

Who you are, what you wear, what you do- it's all up to them


It's simple, you don't meet up to their standards they have no problem in getting rid of you.

5. Rice. And fish.

6. If you have many possessions they will take them away. If you don't they will just take away your dignity.
Asian kid: I got a freakin B on the test! I'm dead!

Friend who got an A and doesn't have Asian Parents: Listen! You can switch tests with me! It's a scantron! They will never know!

Asian kid: We can't, they will find out somehow! I'm screwed either way!
by Gazerock4ever March 21, 2009

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1) If you're on the computer for more than an hour (not studying)- bam they'll take away your computer away, ground you, punish you..whatever they feel like doing.

2) They want you to study..all day every DAY! They have some vision that kids will just decide to study all day in the summer for fun after they had to put up an entire school year of it!

3) They CONTROL your life, and most asians don't realize this until they read this. Asian parents control what you wear, who you hang out with, if you can do something, if u can't, what you look like; YOUR HAIRCUT?

Actual conversation between and mom and asian boy.
Mom: You need haircut, you look like girl.
Boy: But I like my hair mom!
Mom: No you need now1@@!@!@!@!! - drags boy to haircut salon -

4) They get ticked off really easy, Let me give you an example (PROVEN)
Girl: it's not like I want to spend all day studying
Dad: this is for your OWN GOOD, this wastes everybody's time, it doesn't help us!@!@
Girl: But I just --(cut off)
Dad: 2!#@!#@#@!#@!@!@$#$#%#235%@ STOP COMPLAINING2!@!@ YOU ARE USELESS, YOU KNOW I COULD SEND YOU OFF TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL AND YOU CAN BE NO ONE21@!@!@!@!@!@!!@!#!@#$@!$!#$@#%$%$^%$^%@!#!@!#!@#@!$

5) Their grade system
A- only thing acceptable
B- beating
C- seriously kid, you better runaway now!
D- death
F- *********************

6) You can only be a doctor, or a dentist

7) They think anything besides studying is a waste of time (PROVEN)

8) You can only do swimming, or tennis as a sport because everything else is too 'dangerous'

9) Every evening, it's rice, rice, and more rice, when was the last time I had a biscuit or somethin? I like biscuits :/

10) They think every word is a bad word, when really it's just a word you might say as you grow up!
For example:
Stupid, butt, butthole, shut up,

You know, the things you might call your older brother if you're really mad at him. (not cussing though)

11) BONUS: IF you cry, they don't care, they don't try to understand you feelings, they don't care, they just think everyone was brought up in China or Vietnam like them and love to study, And if you have a suck-up perfect brother, he likes to give speeches that make sense but make you sound retarded and stupid and like you don't know what you're talking about.
by average asian girl June 11, 2009

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Are people who gave birth to you and fed you so therefore they think they can control you. They play mind games, are passive aggressive, manipulative, and are generally just very negative people. Most asian parents have problems themselves and they tend to take it out on their kids either knowingly or unknowingly. Most asian parents are negative because they want to think the worse before it even happens. If you go out late at night to the movies or whatever, they would think you were partying and drinking instead. Although this may be true for some kids (sneaking out and doing drugs...etc) not all kids are like this. They tend to listen to their friends/relatives stories about bad stuff and they think that their own kids are bad too. They generalize wayy too much. Asian parents think their kids are bad if they get a B on their report card. They will act as if it's the end of the world if you don't get into: UCLA, USC, HARVARD, STANFORD, OXFORD, PRINCETON, or any other brand named schools that charges an arm and a leg to attend to.

Unfortunately, many new asian parents that end up in America will do the same to their kids. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The new generation of asian americans will never treat their kids the same... so therefore the chain will be broken. We will know better, listen to our kids, trust them, and be their guide rather than their dictator. There is hope for the next generation of american parents out there...
Examples of Asian Parents:

Mom: I am your mother, you HAVE to listen to me. If I say jump you ask 'how high'

Dad: Sometimes will beat you with a whip. (BTW, kids if this happens to you call the cops please. It's called child abuse)

Both Parents: So and so got into Harvard, why didn't you get into Harvard? You're so stupid... studying on how to become a technician? What???? OMG, MY SON/DAUGHTER IS A FCKEN FAILURE.

Mom talking to her 10 year old: Your sister got into a good school, has a good job, married a doctor, has 2 kids... what do you do huh?? Sit at home playing video games all day?

Dad: Son, when you grow up you have to be better than everyone else. it's not enough that you succeed, everyone else must fail.
by YourMommmmmy July 26, 2011

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The main cause of dispair in most asian teenagers' lives. Here are some major characteristics of asian parents:

1. They still enforce a FUCKING BED TIME for their children, even if they are in high school.

2. They almost never give their children money.

3. Whenever their kid gets a gift or money from someone else, the parents usually gives them to someone else.

4. The only hairstyles allowed for their children are bowl cut and buzz cut.

5. They force their children to do work and chores all day when they just watch asian movie series all day long.

6. The mom often bitch slaps her child when the child did something wrong" ie. spilled a couple of drops of milk on the floor. The dad punches/whacks/shoves intowall until the child starts crying for similar "offenses".

7. Anything lower than an A is considered a failure. If an asian child gets a B or something, he/she expects a beating at home.

8. There is no such thing as a good grade in an asian home.

9. Typical home made asian cuisine is rice, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Except that they are all poorly cooked and taste worse than partially digested milk.

10. If a male asian teenager's parents see him so much as TALKING with a girl, they will accuse him of having sex with her even if he was merely asking her for something like homework.

11. Asian parents often treat their children like they are 5 years old and claim that they do so because they "care" about their children.

12. They usually speak in Engrish.
Examples of asian parents:

1. Dad can I go watch a movie with my friend? It's saturday.

No! It already 10:30! Get to bed NOW!!!

2. Mom can I have $2 for lunch today?

No go earning it yourself.

3. Mom why did you give my gift card away to some random asian dude?

Because you don't are needing it.

4. Dad: I give you haircut now!
Kid: But my hair isn't even long.

Dad: I don't care! You look like girl! Come over here before I take away you TV and compute privalwoeigb *privaleges*awoiwebgio(word to complicated to process)

5. Dad can I go outside for a while? I just finished a whole SAT.

No! Go do another!

6. Self explanatory

7. Kid: Oh fuck I just got an 88 on my math test.

Friend: You're fucked when you get home...

8. Mom can I go hang out with my friends I just got a 100 on my math test!
Why you no get extra credit? Stay home and study so you get extra credit next test.

9. Self explanatory

10. Mom: Who you talking to on phone?

Kid: Nobody
Mom: Let me listen *snatches phone*
Mom: *in phone* HARRO? WHO THIS?
Girl: Ummm... hi
Mom: *hangs up* Why you talk with girl? You get in bed with her?

11. Dad can you please stop peaking into my room?
No. I have to make sure you no using drug or do illegal things.


Put some suntan rotion on you skin so you no get skin cansa!
You must show me compute history every day so i making sure you no looking at irregal web site!
Why you no get 100? When I little kiddie I arways get perfecting test score with extra credit addeding to score!
I hate you! You no never behaving, always thinking about play. Arr you thinks about are eat, sreep, game. Why cannot you act rike the perfected kid that I wanting you to be? You just an razy stupiding kid who cannotingedry act applopliatery and you justing never not no study!!!
by asdfsadfdsfasdsfadfsdafasd August 17, 2009

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