That one particular hair dye that asians seem to prefer over all other colours.
example: one of the next five asians you see will have asian orange hair
by mr banananananana January 27, 2011
Top Definition
It is called Agent Orange, not Asian Orange.
by jrhockman October 06, 2003
A cheap tan that makes a white boi look like a pakistani boi
OMG that bitch got a tan like an asian orange!!
by Mr shitz February 16, 2009
1.The chemical substance that kills all plant life in an area of a jungle valley.

2. Chemical substance sprayed in North Viet-nam by the U.S. Air Force to kill all plant life in the jungles.
Maj. Benson flew over Norht Viet-nam and sprayed Asian Orange over the rain forest
by Super Trouper September 30, 2003

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