Amazing guy. One of the best people to know and care about. Loves skittles and sports. Is very athletic and attractive. Loving and passionate
Ashton is the best man ever
by unknowngirlxoxo May 03, 2016
An ashton is specific movement made by a person in which they unknowingly exaggerate the movement. By doing so they then look foolish and everyone around them wonders if something might be wrong with that certain individual.
"Who drinks from a cup using two hands? What an ashton!"

"He just crossed that street with such swagger. Such an ashton."
by Dub O' Trey December 07, 2008
A handsome, respectful, kind country boy who has a nice penis. He is a bulcky guy with a lot of muscle, and won't be afraid to steal your heart. Best when they are blondes! These are the guys, that girls will be fighting over. Once you have an Ashton never let him go.
Who is the hot guy in the truck?

He is totally an Ashton!
by Anonymous528372 May 14, 2015
The most douche person you will ever meet, extremley annoying and has no chances with girls.
That guy is so annoying, he is such an Ashton.
by Playtupusfeet December 15, 2015
You see that Ashton over there, she only has friends cause her nudes.
by Typical White Girl May 14, 2014
the act of sucking dick
I've only known him for two minutes but i already want to ashton him.
by luv4bmw01 March 12, 2010
crackhead. the biggest redneck you will ever meet. likes to chase dogs around the kitchen in a camo sweatshirt in her spare time. makes good deer jerky. can shoot gun. is the number one math student.
dang gina who was that that just chased the dawg through your kitchen?

oh..that was just ashton.
by zachlizbizkelly January 23, 2010
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