Most ossum person ever
Ashton, she's like a baws
by elitemofoyo November 24, 2010
An Ashton isnt the brightest of people but is loved by everyone. She loves skittles loads. She loverly, gorgeous and beautiful. Her hair is amazing and her eyes are as bright as the stars. She not easy to get along with but shes very excepting and good at keeping secrets. Shes dependable and caring and loves to be cuddled. Althought she isnt the brightest cookie in the toolshed but she is very cute and loving.
She is very good to talk to and will always make you feel better.
Dude, i want ashton to be my bestfriend!

by unknown1231231231231234 November 13, 2011
A beautiful, hilarious person with a huge heart. Talented in everything he does. He's got the best smile around and can get any girl he wants in a matter of minutes. He's a good friend and a great person. He never ceases to give his all in everything he does.
Her: He's perfect.
Him: Well, he is an Ashton.
by aksdjfl aslgkre August 20, 2013
an amazingly funny girl; will always make you smile; blond haired; pretty face; rocking body
Gosh, that Ashton is so cool, do you think she'll go out with me?
by Vegetakira October 24, 2011
The best kind of guy in the world. He's sweet, kind and takes very good care of his loved ones. He's handsome, sexy, and very charming, and is craved by the hottest girls in the world. Still, he's very modest and extremely friendly. He is very funny, and is a real treat to be around. He is popular, and is loved by all who have ever met him. He is dependable. Guys aspire to be him, and girls just want him so badly.
Miss India: Your boyfriend is the best in the world.
Miss Universe: I know, he's an Ashton
by thisissotrueright November 30, 2013
1) A wonderful guy, who is very cute, sweet and strong.
2) A guy who is always taken by a loving girlfriend who he is loyal and devoted to.
3) A guy that is a little mischevious and sneaky.
4) A guy that is dependable and caring.
5) A guy that is a great protector.
6) A guy that loves to cuddle and loves to be cuddled!
7) A guy that can be described as handsome, sexy, dirty, honest, loving and kind of charming.

Sally: Wow you're boyfriend is cute & sweet

Lauren: I know, he's very Ashton!
by Samantha28 October 24, 2008
An ashton is specific movement made by a person in which they unknowingly exaggerate the movement. By doing so they then look foolish and everyone around them wonders if something might be wrong with that certain individual.
"Who drinks from a cup using two hands? What an ashton!"

"He just crossed that street with such swagger. Such an ashton."
by Dub O' Trey December 07, 2008

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