The most amazing person in the world who likes skittles, some say she looks like sleeping beauty. Shes sometimes a tard :P, but is actually really smart and nice, and very very pretty. She also likes swedish fish also which is awesome :D........ and shes a ninja.
ashton kutcher,ashton shanker
by dm05 February 04, 2010
Top Definition
The most sexiest, awesome person alive. The best friend you could ever ask for
Becky: Did you see that guy?

Stacy: Yeah. He was totally Ashton.
by fffreak12119 February 20, 2009
Sex drive maniac. Totally awesome! Good in bed. Lovely, Hot, Jokester, Humorous, and Small. Has a thing for being chill and getting along with everyone. Can get angry at times, but is loved by everyone. Guys best friend.
I wish i could be more like an ashton.
by buea April 15, 2009
An amzing boy, who always knows how to make you feel your best.
Ashton, love of a girls life.
by MmmCee January 30, 2009
The act of being reincarnated as an Eskimo.
I hope i ashton after my death.
by TwilightMama March 28, 2009
Is a girl, not just a male celebrity. Pretty much the best friend ever. Will act like a child with you when you're hyper or listens when you're having an awful day. May break out into random songs from the musical "Annie" or fall over nothing. No worries though, she's a keeper :)
Ralph: So what did you do this weekend?

Emily: Oh, I just hung out with the bestie Ashton.
by emilybemily February 03, 2010
An absolutely amazing girl. She is klutzy, crazy, and fun. She's falls fast and hard for people, but she will be there for you no matter what. Common sense wise an Ashton isn't exactly the brightest, and can be very gullible, but it's all in good heart. She is an absolutely beautiful chick, who might have a little self-confidence issue, but is all around amazing. Eating random things might be an attribute of a female Ashton, but its hilarious. An Ashton is smiley, a little weird, but all around fantastic.
hot guy: wow, look at Ashton! She is so the life of the party
girl: i know right! I'm so glad that she and I are friends
by cupcakegirly August 08, 2012
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