One of the best things to ever happen in my life.
Ashlyn was one of the most important things in my life for one month.
by neineinein329 May 26, 2013
Ashlyn Is An Amazing Person To Have Around. She's Always Happy&&Loves Hippo's Named Banana. She Lives&Breathes Music && Always Will Love Fuzzy BallsXD. ILY5
Me: Ashlyn What Are You Doing.?
Ashlyn: Playing With The Fuzzy Balls On Your Jacket, What DOes It Look Like I'm Doing.?!
by Rainbow.BLEH. February 18, 2011
A girl who is the ultimate whore. Rumored to have Chlamydia. And a stanky vagina.
Guy 1:"Who is that Ashlyn girl?"
Guy 2:"Idk, but she smells like stinky cheese!"
Guy 1: "LOL urban dictionary was right!"
by rumorstarter:) July 11, 2011
the coolest person ever. even though ashlyns are very short and stubby .
"Did you see that girl over there? She's so short! What an Ashlyn."

i don't even know..
by ashlynhatesyou January 31, 2008
Is yellow and Refered as a lemon And is short also is really really annoyed when called lemon or doesnt like to be mentioned about a lemon is kindfull and lol
"Yo look at that yellow person you mean a ashlyn?"
by sfds July 16, 2009
Biggest douche bag ever. Has no self respect for herself or her body. Ashlyn's are usually really slutty and will give you a blow for a good 5 bucks. If your looking for a quick blow, hand job, or just sex go find yourself an Ashlyn. Rarely (One in a million) their is a good one that comes along and if you find yourself a good one you have eye witnessed a miracle. If you see one cover your eyes because they are so hideously ugly they will blind you. Under all of that make-up that they wear you will see a man. EVERY ASHLYN IS A MAN (usually). Take caution when meeting one face to face. Ashlyn's should go extinct or move to a far far away place.
Emily: *puke*

Tag: What?

Emily: I just saw the worst thing known to man

Tag: An Ashlyn?

Emily: Yes, and it was terrifying

Tag: I bet....what did you do when you saw *IT*

Emily: I ran for my life the puked when I saw *IT*

Tag: We will never let this happen again I promise
by Mr. Fantastic239 May 08, 2010
A stuck up brat who gets mad for no reason and pushes everyone away!
Did you Ashlyn's mad at Chris now?
by Radom May 16, 2008

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