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One of the best things to ever happen in my life.
Ashlyn was one of the most important things in my life for one month.
by neineinein329 May 26, 2013
One of the best people you will ever meet. She is so nice and I just love her to death. If you meet an Ashlyn you will automatically know she is going to be a wonderful person :)
Boy-Oh look it's ashlyn

Ashlyn- Hi! :3
by Meowsaurus September 21, 2011
One of the most amazing people you will ever meet.She is weird...but in a good way. SHe will keep you laughing! She is usually a peacemaker. She likes to help people with any problems and she tends to be a sweet heart. She is a great friend to have because she will listen to all of your problems and if you need her to keep a secret she wont tell a soul. She has BEAUTIFUL hair. It works no matter how she has it.Her eyes are what pulls you in. You can tell her mood just by staring into them. She is also a good girlfriend. Loyalty is one of her key traits. SHe would never go behind someones back. She loves life and you will usually see her smiling. If you know an Ashlyn , you dont want to let her go. She is a diamond in the rocks.
Me:Do you know an Ashlyn?
Him: Yeah shes my girl
Me: Dude your so lucky
by Alyssa1233 February 20, 2013
BE-U-T-FULLL!!!! hottest chick around!! better get her fast or she will be gone
Oh theres Ashlyn She was single yesterdayyy yay!!!

Ashlyn walks into supermarket no guy comes out GUY
by HELLLO IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT October 08, 2011
The Person That Dan Loves More Than She Thinks <3
Ashlyn is awesome :P
by DanTheCookieMann January 20, 2011
Ashlyn Is An Amazing Person To Have Around. She's Always Happy&&Loves Hippo's Named Banana. She Lives&Breathes Music && Always Will Love Fuzzy BallsXD. ILY5
Me: Ashlyn What Are You Doing.?
Ashlyn: Playing With The Fuzzy Balls On Your Jacket, What DOes It Look Like I'm Doing.?!
by Rainbow.BLEH. February 18, 2011
Often short, intelligent, beautiful, and talented. A good friend very outgoing. If you meet one don't let her go. You'll find she is trustworthy and funny. At times she may seem annoying. Once you get to know her you'll learn to overlook her few flaws because the other parts are worth it.
Ashlyn is my best friend
by I'm a blondie July 06, 2014