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(Noun) (Part of Life) A story that few others can relate to other than Ashlyn...because she is Ashlyn. Ashlyn stories are generally circular in form, and are open ended, occasionally leaving the listener mindfucked and speechless. However, most Ashlyn stories are humorous, and often relate to similarly humorous everyday situations and encounters, and if listened to over dinner, often reveal clues to the meaning of life. Every man should hear an Ashlyn story from the source before he dies.
Sam- (As he reads the New York Times) "How was breakfast babe?"

Ashlyn- "Well I opened the cabinet and the cereal box fell out and exploded all over the kitchen, so I cleaned it up and wound up just eating the bowl. The cat helped clean up the that worked out"

Sam- (still reading the NYT) "sounds good babe"

Cat- (from under kitchen table) "Typical Ashlyn story..."
by Meow94 September 29, 2013
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