To be extremely talented, hot, black, larger kind of - but still hot (it don't even matter ta her), she is all up in the nana's (refer to Nana's on the search portion of this site.), and will beat down a lava (refer to Lava on the search portion of this site) if they do not perform their lava duties up to basic essential levels.
Britannica: You is all up in here havin' that ashley syndrome and I be likin' you a lot mo fo that.

Kwalishakwa: Thanks gurl.


both in unison: YOU KNOW
by 2HotBlackWomen March 28, 2005
Top Definition
to be lazy, and mean to say actually, more often when loaded drunk
ashley offisicer, I was not drinkin' twoonite.
by MIke Lebaum March 10, 2005
to have be annoying and self absorbed as hell, but to have the nicest rack ever. it's heard to be mean when her rack is that nice
man, ashely is so fucking annoying, but her rack is perfect!
by Jimmy Beans March 28, 2005
To be conceided and self absorbed
When a girl name ashley writes about herself
by fatty490 March 08, 2005
To be cool; To be very smart and have obviously good taste. May apply to men who have "Ashley" syndrome". To be eternally grateful to one named Ashley. May also appply to those who love Ashley. Especially Ashley J. Also to be very sexy.
Man loves Ashley so he has the Ashley syndrome. See also "Goddess"
by Ashley March 06, 2005
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