Ashley Tisdale is not another Hilary Duff. Many people thinks she is like Hilary Duff because she is blonde and is off Disney. But there are some differences:

Hilary Duff is way more sucessful than Ashley. Hilary Duff acted in "adult movies", and I don't mean porn, I mean movies that are non-Disney. She has released more albums and had more respect. And Hilary Duff is prettier.

Ashley Tisdale makes more the old school Backstreet Boys like pop and I mean, stuff like Millennium and No String Attached, Max Martin shit. Hilary Duff is more dance, hip-hop, and pop-rock like Aly & AJ and such. They are different.

Hillary Duff was a star of a show called Lizzie McGuire and she made a movie dedicated for her. Ashley was pretty much Sharpay and she was getting her ass kicked in High School Musical 3. They are both cool, but she is not like Hilary Duff. She resembles a Britney Spears.
Troy: Oh sick, another Hilary Duff.
Bob: Ashley Tisdale is not like Hilary Duff. Her much sounds different and she have a show dedicated to her. A closer version of Hilary Duff 2.0 is Miley Cyrus.
by Lil Duff 2008 October 26, 2008
Top Definition
a very hot girl from the High School Musical films. She is very cute and doesn't seem like a typical trashy skank...they seem to be the only ones that ever become famous....Even though I've never met her, I bet she is real nice and sweet in person. She is one of the few young celebs that aren't sluts
Ashley Tisdale would most likely not send nude photos of her self over the internet like some slut...
by Franki Figgs December 07, 2007
Fake Hair, Fake Nose, Fake Everything. This girl is another Disney star who has forgotten where she came from, go back to your roots Ashley, not dye your hair bleach blonde and get roots. She's disney manufactured, everything about her is DISNEY, she's what 20 something? She needs to look at herself, act her age and stop wanting to be like Vanessa Hudgens.
Ashley Tisdale is a Hilary Duff Wannabe & a Ashlee Simpson alike.
by LEEANNN December 04, 2007
an actress who worked hard to get were she is. Has an album out and stars in the hit television show The Suite Life of Zac and Cody, also in a hit television Disney Chanel movie, High School Musical. She has her own Youtube chanel. Very lovely, funny, sweet, loyal and hard working. People bash on her because the news about Pais Hilton getting out of jail and Lindsey Lohan doing her thing is getting too old so they now want to pick on people who are sweet and have nothing wrong with them such as Paula Abdul.

Ashley is a great performer, has a unique voice people get singing and voice mixed up and she is a very amazing entertainer. her sitcom role is very believeable.. which makes her a good actress. also plays a good role as Sharpay in the movie HSM.

has a great sence of style, fashion&hair. she is also an amazing role model. very laid back jersey girl.
ASHLEY TISDALE CAN'T SING! what a bad performance. omg how is she a role model? omgzz i have no one to pick on so i'll bash on ashley haha. im kewl because i call ashley talentless and ugly when i cant really judge people because i think everyone HAS to act like angelina jolie or HAS to sing like christina aguilera
EVERYONE who is famous should be PERFECT because i like to watch thier life because im stuck in a misrible life. i stink. OH WAIT! but if they are perfect i call them fake. i just cant make up my mind. they should be like ME! oh wait, then they'd suck really bad at life. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


by bbyg June 28, 2007
Ashley is one of the most beautiful and well-known stars to ever grace our television screens on the Disney Channel.
Her long blond hair is somewhat of a trademake now.
Miley Cyrus even stated that the wig she wears in 'Hannah Montana' was inspired by Ashley's hair.

Ashley stars in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and is also known for starring in the blockbuster 'High School Musical'.

Ashley also has her own CD, which did very well.

She's unarguably one of todays hottest, fastest youngest rising stars.
'Who's that amazing blond actress on the suite life?'

'Ashley Tisdale, DUH!'
by lifelesslover August 19, 2008
A cute actress on the Disney Channel that plays the candy counter girl on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and is also from High School Musical. With the help of the Disney Channel she now has a record deal.
I love the song Bop To The Top, that Ashley Tisdale sings in High School Musical.
by jacksin June 14, 2006
A careful yet still overrated actress signed with Disney whose best friends are a giant tampon named Vanessa Hudgens and her bitch, Zac Efron. She has been a Disney Channel regular since about 3 years ago and ever since then, she's been a marketing ploy to teeny boppers everywhere. From a temporary singing career, and soon to be a temporary acting career, it's only a matter of time before she'll start to shit bricks. She also is in bad shape and has decided to put her health in the hand of plastic surgeons. Opposed to Hayden Panettiere, Ashley Tisdale is one of several Disney-born stars that don't really impress anybody but the media.
Girl: Could you believe Ashley Tisdale is redoing her nose AGAIN?! What the hell?
Boy: I heard it's to improve her singing, but let's hope they fuck it up so badly that she can't even breath. I'm so sick of hearing about her.
by Smart American Male June 02, 2008
Okay. Not good, great, bad, or terrible. Just okay. One would come to realize when coming across something like an interview on TV or in a magazine, if you can at least sustain the sight of that weird face of hers. Or finding out that the porn star and the prettyboy cunt aren't her friends anymore. Or even just because she's not with Disney anymore and that biohazard blond hair is now a strange colored brown. But still be kept caution after hearing that she's still eight kinds of people at once, and she is that old to still be wanting anything she wants.

Great - Obviously, no female stars have gotten here.
Good - Hayden Panettiere/Taylor Swift
Okay - Ashley Tisdale
Bad - Projects "Demi"/"Selena"/others from Disney/Jamie Lynn
Terrible - Projects "Miley"/"Vanessa".
Mary: What do you think of this girl?
Tim: Meh. She's Ashley Tisdale.
Mary: NUH UH!!! She can't be! Only Hannah Montana could be 2 different people! AHHHH!!!
Tim: No, you fucktard. I mean she's not bad. She's okay, but keep looking.
by Smart American Male June 08, 2009
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