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The proper way to pronounce the name Ashley.
Jonas: What was your name again? Ash-lei Pananagaman?
Ashley: No! It's pronounced Ashlee!
by MyNameIsJonas August 05, 2007
Ashlee. Spelled with two "E's" for a reason. An Ashlee, not to be confused with an Ashley, is no goodie two shoes or poser. She goes against the grain, and may not fit in with any certain clique but she sets the trends. A possible social outkast, very dependant, very desireable. A real vixen, and a dynamo in the sack.
Poser 1 - "Have you seen Ashlee's new tattoo"?

Poser 2 - "Yeah man, its flippin' sweet"!
by Jack Michealson February 08, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's funny and smart, very cute and can set your heart on fire with just a look or a light touch. She's super hot and makes everyone jealous with her good looks. You won't be able to get her off your mind. Once you've had ashlee there is nothing better.
Person 1: See that girl over there? I can't get her out of my head!
Person 2: yeah her names ashlee
by CheeseHoe. February 21, 2011
a more now, finger on the pulse way to spell Ashley
its ASHLEE not ashley
by ashj52 October 04, 2007
Ashlee is the hottest girl i have every seen. i wanna tap her hard she is one sexy girl.
Man u see that girl ashlee walk by i wanna tap that
by anoymunus February 02, 2008
The greatest way to spell Ashley. a great person who loves everyone. a princess at heart but an angel too. loves to laugh. AWESOME TIMES INFINITY!!!!! the greatest person you will ever meet. A huge romantic. very modest about looks.
person1: i need a new best friend cause mine is horrible
person2: you should meet Ashlee... she's amazing

Person1:oh Ash you are so beautiful!!!
Ashlee: ahaha thanks but i'm really not
by Princess Awesome April 29, 2011
a girl who is beautiful, sweet but has a real slutty side. often a rebel. she cant say no. known to keep more than one egg in her basket. well known but for being a heartbreaker!
Joan- you here about her
Katy- yes. she acting like such an ashlee
joan - i ken. that girl cant say NO!
by bluepot September 08, 2010
The absolute good girl, one of the only remaining girls considered to be a true angel, and needs to go back to her true love.
Ashlee you could have whatever you like
by total humanoninimity November 11, 2010