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A school in Asheville that has a retarded snow make-up policy.
Person 1: I go to asheville high school and we missed a week of school due to "snow." Now we have no spring break and school on saturdays.

Person 2: That sucks!
by boredinfrench January 20, 2011
Asheville High school is a unique school made up of various types of kids, all together making yet another diversified quality of Asheville. Equally populated with nerds, jocks, homosexuals, freaks, hippies, artists and a significant amount of potheads; Asheville High school is a great example of one of the more "ghetto" schools in the Western part of North Carolina. The school building actually is very castle-like, resembling some of the better parts of the Biltmore house, and rumor has it that the school is haunted by a student who used to go to school there a long time ago. (Really, look it up on the news) Asheville High has a bad-ass rep for being one of the coolest schools around to be a part of. Go Asheville High Cougars!
-Hey dude, let's go smoke some shit some place cool.
-Yeah, man. Asheville High school!
by Student from AHS February 16, 2011

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