a word used to describe a very sexy he or she.

and/or a funky new dance move

something YOURE probably not. (especially the dance move part >_>)

"Hey girl, you lookin real asher today."
"Boy, you bez get up off mah dick!"
by Ze Rep Nim Saj March 20, 2009
English (mainly Sussex and Hampshire): topographic name denoting someone dwelling by an ash tree, from Middle English asche ‘ash tree’ + the habitational suffix -er. Americanized spelling of German Ascher. Judaism misspells this name to match the English and German name for living near an Ash tree or being an Ash maker. For example, in Hebrew, Asher is only spelled using three Hebrew letters. The Hebrew A is silent and yet they pronounce A. There is no H and E, so it would be spelled Asr. They also pronounce the name Ashare and it can mean "that" too. Don't listen to them, they do not understand even their own Hebrew language. There are so many Ashers who do not have Jewish lineage and they just want to convert them all! Why do you think they link Asher to Judaism all over the place?

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
What is your surname?
Are you Jewish?
Oh boy, no and...if you only knew.
by Asher-Name Meaning July 08, 2015
When you wake up and realize you dont have to get out of bed for three more hours...and you have a huge bag of beef jerky next to your bed that you chew on as you fall asleep.
Cindy: You look so well rested!
Amber: Well, my alarm went off early...and I still had that left over beef jerky on my night stand.
Cindy: Nice. I havent pulled an Asher in months.
by Amy BZI February 15, 2009
A common boys name in israel but when its used for a girl it gives her such a unique vibe that goes with her everywhere she walks and always makes her stand out to everyone. She will probably be somewhere dancing or making a fool of herself. She always appreciates her friends and her friends appreciate her. She isn't one you want to let go of, but come one i mean who would willingly let go of one of the prettiest, funniest, nicest and coolest girls out there. so if you meet and Asher remember not to let go of her because she will always love you no matter what mistakes you make. Always believe in her even if she comes off as slightly strange because shes special.
Boy 1: Ok I just saw some random girl dancing like crazy over there!
Boy 2: Was she pretty?
Boy 1: She must be an Asher :)
by tinytony March 24, 2013
A very beatiful girl that means alot, to many people. She makes alot of people smile and feel happy. She makes day to day life easier
Asher is great
by Wigwan October 03, 2011
An Asher is a lovable, friendly, red-bearded, blue eyed lover boy who makes sweet, passionate, mind-blowing love despite his small penis. An Asher spreads his knowledge through great music. An Asher doesn't have much sense of style and rarely matches; but on the bright side an Asher loves to drink beer and you can find one passed out anywhere at a party. An Asher has a good heart, which can sometimes be shadowed by horny sluts. An Asher comes off as obnoxious, and narcissistic but once you get to know him, he's hubby material.
drunk slut: Wow, who's that loud, funny, weirdly sexy bearded man with that beergut, jammin to Emmure?!

slutty artist: Thats an Asher, he's my boyfriend. Isn't he the best?
by stillBitterNwantingTheD November 03, 2013
modern day for "ashtray", but not exactly an ashtray, rather anything weed smokers will ash their blunt it
Pass the asher man, I need the asher
by MARYJANE69Smoke February 09, 2013

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