A guy who makes for a wonderful boyfriend. Everything he does is perfect and loveable. Asher is handsome, funny, intelligent, sweet, and a little playful. He also dislikes energizing beverages and prefers water or a fruit smoothie.
Man that guy is amazingly sweet to his girl.

Yeah he must be an Asher (jealous sigh).
by baconchocolategreen;) May 04, 2011
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A rare male first name. There are very few Ashers in the U.S., although it is popular in Arabian countries. Ashers' are: wise, creative, strong, and friendly. People named Asher are affectionate, seek harmony, and virtuous- with single mindedness they strive only for the general good. Asher's are extremely good looking and attractive in nature, possessing a certain charism. Very inquisitive and full of energy, Ashers' are unique and special people. Ashers' possess a spirit of determination and strong will.

Asher is also a place in Israel

Meaning: happy, blessed, fortunate, or lucky.


Origin: Hebrew

Biblical: Asher in the Old Testament was the son of Jacob (his 8th son) and Leah's handmaid Zilpah (her 2nd son) and was the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance.

The name was brought into English by the Puritans.

In the past critical scholars conjectured that the name referred to a male counterpart of the goddess Asherah with a name cognate to the Assyrian god Ashur although no evidence of such a deity has been found and the latter name is derived from a different root

1. "What is your sons name?"
"Oh, I love the name Ashton!"
"no, AshER."

2. "That was pretty daring of you, you must be feeling Asher today."

by vitaintus March 13, 2009
handsome pretty man
by pj June 27, 2003
A relatively smart, driven boy, independent, headstrong, falls hard when he likes someone, protective of friends, can sometimes be a little obnoxious, joking in personality but can be serious, great friend to have, flirty
"Hey Asher!"
"haha, hey, whats up? ;)"
by Jordana Love February 17, 2010
A wonderful individual who always looks out for others before himself. His unique name allows for him to never be forgotten, so he treats everyone with kindness and love. Ashers are rare, but when they appear, they are very special and one should always get to know them.
"I only know one Asher, but that makes him all the more special than he already is."
by HomieG3 November 06, 2011
English (mainly Sussex and Hampshire): topographic name denoting someone dwelling by an ash tree, from Middle English asche ‘ash tree’ + the habitational suffix -er. Americanized spelling of German Ascher. Judaism misspells this name to match the English and German name for living near an Ash tree or being an Ash maker. For example, in Hebrew, Asher is only spelled using three Hebrew letters. The Hebrew A is silent and yet they pronounce A. There is no H and E, so it would be spelled Asr. They also pronounce the name Ashare and it can mean "that" too. Don't listen to them, they do not understand even their own Hebrew language. There are so many Ashers who do not have Jewish lineage and they just want to convert them all! Why do you think they link Asher to Judaism all over the place?

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
What is your surname?
Are you Jewish?
Oh boy, no and...if you only knew.
by Asher-Name Meaning July 08, 2015
A boys AND girls name that is referenced in the bible
The text of the Torah argues that the name of Asher means happy/blessing
by Ninjachicka January 26, 2012

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