Ashnti sucks, itw ould suck if you would be called an ashanti.
She is another a-s-h-a-n-t-i.
by Cherish November 28, 2003
a gay ass prick who's parents or so dumb they forgot how to spell Shanti so they added the only letter of the alphabet they could remember
by iversonsgurl89 July 25, 2003
1a. Can keep in tune
1b. Can't hold a note
2a. Had masculine sideburns
2b. Has naturally long hair (with extensions now)
Look at her home videos when she was a kid - her hair was LONNNNNGER than most average black gals' REAL hair.
3a. Can't bust moves eg: Like Beyoncé - u can tell she been practising her dance moves
3b. Had been trying to get into the singing industry for 8 years b4 she became known, un4tun8ly, hookd up via Murda Inc.
Ashanti is quarter Chinese, but mostly Black, except for that nu white/caucsian movie that she is in (John Tucker Must Die)...
by L8diva August 20, 2006
Ashanti was born on October 13, 1980, in Glen Cove, New York. She inherited a zest for music from her mother Tina, a former dance teacher, and her father Ken-Kaide, a former singer. Her father is half Chinese American and half African American. Her mother is Dominican and African American. Her grandfather, James, was a civil rights activist who associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. during the 1960s. Growing up, Ashanti took dance lessons and joined the church choir. Ashanti went to Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center where she studied different dance styles including tap, jazz, ballet, African, modern and hip hop. She danced with the Senior Pro Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Avery Fisher Hall, and the Black Spectrum Theater. With actress and choreographer Debbie Allen at the helm, Ashanti also performed in the Disney TV film Polly alongside stars Keshia Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad, the 1994 Caribbean Awards and dancing with Judith Jamison of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

Ashanti displayed a knack for singing when she was six by singing in a gospel choir. Her love of music continued to rise as she attended high school. Ashanti also wrote songs. As a teenager, she performed in a local talent show and at the Soul Cafe, China Club, Madison Square Garden, Caroline's Comedy Club and Greek Fest 2000.4 By the time she hit puberty, her mom was sending out demo tapes of her daughter's vocal talents, which led to a record deal with Jive Records in 1994. Unfortunately, this relationship soured when Jive tried to make the soulful singing teen into a run-of-the-mill pop star.

Ashanti regrouped by throwing herself into schoolwork and running on her school's track team, which earned her athletic scholarships to Princeton & Hampton University. But she put college pursuits aside when Epic Records came calling with a contract in 1998. However, the label's management changes quickly left Ashanti out in the cold. Undaunted, she continued to croon at local New York clubs and began hanging out at the Murder Inc. recording studio, hoping for another big break to be signed. Eventutally got signed.
Ashanti Rox. Stop comparing her 2 Beyonce.
by Sman44 April 20, 2007
One of the hottest women alive!!! Can actually sing even though the haters think she can't. Currently the girlfriend of rapper nelly.
Ashanti is so fine one of the best legs you'll ever see!
by JHood2006 April 04, 2006
One of the best female R&B singers in the industry.she is a great singer and is very pretty
ashanti looks better than keisha cole, beyonce,and many more!!!
by ZORIADA October 03, 2007
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