ASS SHANTI ass-something that spews crap..shanti-a poorly built structure
Ashanti is poorly built and spews crap.
by LOL October 25, 2003
A very mediocre singer who thinks she's the pricess of hip hop simply because her friend Ja Fool called her such. Overrated and Undertalented
by Unbreakable October 02, 2003
terrible singer with sideburns.
ashanti is a terrible singer.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
a talentless ugly wannabe pop star singa who cant and neva has been able to sing and thinks she can cuz she wit ja rule, who the whole murda ink staff is garbage. and she cant dance worth shit and really isnt pretty.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
a female (or who knows maybe male) who is flat AS HELL, cant sing a damn note. cant dance if her life depended on it, her routines are retarded. looks like a gorilla with sideburns & a unibrow. Her wigs are always missplaced or misshaped, has a very stan fanbase. R&B prince my ass, Beyonce is the real princess, at least she has talent.
Damn, Ashanti's sideburns are gonna eat my dog if she comes any closer
by Alisa May 05, 2005
Ashanti went to her singing lsson.
by nychica098876 October 25, 2003
A singa that can't sing worth a damn, but is actually pretty after she has her 2 cans of paint on her face. DAMN I'M TIRED OF UNDESERVED FAME!!!
You mite wanna cover your ears, cuz the next performance on our show will be from ASHANTI!!!
by Sex Kitten September 05, 2003

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