mah homegirl who will crush all ya'll hataz one day. She CAN sing, ya'll just get distracted by sideburns that aren't even there anymore. And she's VERY mature because she not even thinkin about ya'll hataz cuz she too busy gettin her money...sista got bills to pay...i know she do. And she is so pretty, that im jealous...All she need to is leave Murder Inc and join a better record label. That damn JaRule
Homegirl be multi-talented
by Check_it September 26, 2003
ashanti... the 1 and only princess of hip hop and r'n'b! my defintion of one of the greatest female r'n'b artists in the world. Shes beautiful, sucessful, not only does she have a killa voice, she can write too! Shes the ONLY person that can say aaww baybee repeatedly in her songs and not get annoying!This gurls my inspiration, so u haters need 2 stop hatin coz at the end of the day shes still betta than u'll eva b... side burns and all!
ashanti...she's so hot right now!
by xoxtashanixox May 29, 2006
ASHANTI=the 2nd QUEEN of hip hop and r&b. She's just as beautiful and talented as the great Aaliyah was.
Ashanti can be my princess anyday! >:D
by ROCK AND METAL SUCKS! September 01, 2003
one of the lead singers to the inc(formerly known as murder inc) has had many hit singles including foolish, down for you, whats luv, happy, rain on me, southside, only you. she has had 4 albums:ashanti chapter one, chapter two, the christmas special and the most recent, concrete rose.
check out ashanti's new album concrete rose
by clown March 06, 2005
1.a good person
2.even though she can't sing that good,ya'll still ain't gotta rag on her like dat.
-don't need one
by kay$$$ September 06, 2003
( term used by vice lords and el rukns)

prayer beads
"i like your ashanti...but the church always taught me to never wear them around your neck"
by Serenity February 16, 2005
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