A very mediocre singer who thinks she's the pricess of hip hop simply because her friend Ja Fool called her such. Overrated and Undertalented
by Unbreakable October 02, 2003
I believe its African for Ugly.
Damn homie, that bitch you was bangin was hella ashanti.
by ippdakdukdikdooken July 01, 2003
for one thing, ashanti is NOT a terrible singer. and her sideburns are not that bad! she is a decent singer who is very talented and i dont know why all you people are all hating on her so yall need to shut the fuck up!
all you HATERS are stupid and need to stop HATING on Ashanti.
by ashanti fan June 06, 2007
Her fans mean more to her than her enemies.
I don't think that ashanti should be labeled as ugly. She is trying hard and making money so it really doesn't matter to her what her public thinks. What matters to her is her fans. The ones who buys her records.
by Nikki April 21, 2004
A Beautiful, talented, young sista, whos sideburns are no longer there, and who has NATURALLY LONG WAVY HAIR, (look at her pictures when she was younger), Who doesnt care about Hata'z cause look where she at, and look where they at...
The girl has talent and she's very pretty
by LilPink July 27, 2004
a good singer
by lil\'e September 03, 2003
A true african goddess, a hottie, bang material. Has a nice voice, but is certainly overrated. A real Wiva... wanna be diva
Ashanti may have side burns, but she's still hot and looks better than anything you've ever gotten for free or paid for.
by Mattyboyee May 28, 2003
a woman who has true talent, who sang bomb on her songs,on her ashanit's christmas ( which pemiered on bet) who sang beautifully at her custom concert!!!
she just has a beautiful voice- i want fame her way
by David December 22, 2004

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