A very mediocre singer who thinks she's the pricess of hip hop simply because her friend Ja Fool called her such. Overrated and Undertalented
by Unbreakable October 02, 2003
Sad ass excuse for a singer. Proves that the singing industry is all about looks, because that's all the man has.
Let's be Ashanti so we can get a record deal with smerff inc
by Keisha January 28, 2004
person: <i>the poor man's Aaliyah</i>
by teeheehee October 10, 2003
One who imitates ACTUAL artist, and can not promote themself as they are.
Millie is so Ashanti, she never has anything original.
by Reba July 07, 2003
Someone that has no talent but believes they do. Also know to be extremely stupid and retarded. Below Dirt
that guy is an ashanti
by Mybigbig December 09, 2010

Ashnti sucks, itw ould suck if you would be called an ashanti.
She is another a-s-h-a-n-t-i.
by Cherish November 28, 2003
a gay ass prick who's parents or so dumb they forgot how to spell Shanti so they added the only letter of the alphabet they could remember
by iversonsgurl89 July 25, 2003
A sweet girl that loves her self and others she wont let you run over her she is a funny person kinda a drama queen but can help you with lost of your problems

Hey did u see that girl
yea she is ashanti
by Ashanti<33 February 12, 2013

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