A very mediocre singer who thinks she's the pricess of hip hop simply because her friend Ja Fool called her such. Overrated and Undertalented
by Unbreakable October 02, 2003
An aight singer but she has the biggest ass damn sideburns we have ever seen on a bitch!
Damn I think Ashanti's sideburns are about to eat my face.
by Maria and Mindi March 27, 2003
A hoe that cant sing she had her eyes streched so she wont need to put on masacra so she can have cateyes. She is dumb,cant sing,talk,act,model she is always Worst dressed shes ugly decurved fat and her biggest rival is beyonce(Beyonce is the oposite of Ashanti)
A woman that needs 10000 pounds of makeup to make her look even worse
by babo_boy August 30, 2004
One who imitates ACTUAL artist, and can not promote themself as they are.
Millie is so Ashanti, she never has anything original.
by Reba July 07, 2003
Possessor of freakishly large sideburns and the annoying catch phrase, 'ooh, baby, baby...'. She has no true talent; she just sings the hooks on every song made by Ja Rule or the person whose arm she's currently latched onto in the music business.
Hark! I am Ashanti, spouter of crappy hooks, bearer of huge sideburns, possessor of no talent whatsoever! Kneel before me and buy Murder Pink's latest travesties against music...
by Shawn B. June 18, 2003
A sweet girl that loves her self and others she wont let you run over her she is a funny person kinda a drama queen but can help you with lost of your problems

Hey did u see that girl
yea she is ashanti
by Ashanti<33 February 12, 2013
Beautiful girl who is funny , loving and her smile can bright up the room , love her weaves but she is beautiful without it. A friendly person and someone who you can trust
Damn wish I could meet Ashanti !
by Tommy Leeane January 09, 2012
Someone that has no talent but believes they do. Also know to be extremely stupid and retarded. Below Dirt
that guy is an ashanti
by Mybigbig December 09, 2010

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