mah homegirl who will crush all ya'll hataz one day. She CAN sing, ya'll just get distracted by sideburns that aren't even there anymore. And she's VERY mature because she not even thinkin about ya'll hataz cuz she too busy gettin her money...sista got bills to pay...i know she do. And she is so pretty, that im jealous...All she need to is leave Murder Inc and join a better record label. That damn JaRule
Homegirl be multi-talented
by Check_it September 26, 2003
person: <i>the poor man's Aaliyah</i>
by teeheehee October 10, 2003
One who imitates ACTUAL artist, and can not promote themself as they are.
Millie is so Ashanti, she never has anything original.
by Reba July 07, 2003
Possessor of freakishly large sideburns and the annoying catch phrase, 'ooh, baby, baby...'. She has no true talent; she just sings the hooks on every song made by Ja Rule or the person whose arm she's currently latched onto in the music business.
Hark! I am Ashanti, spouter of crappy hooks, bearer of huge sideburns, possessor of no talent whatsoever! Kneel before me and buy Murder Pink's latest travesties against music...
by Shawn B. June 18, 2003
Someone that has no talent but believes they do. Also know to be extremely stupid and retarded. Below Dirt
that guy is an ashanti
by Mybigbig December 09, 2010
Ashanti is the name for a beautiful girl. She sometimes has trust issues from the past mistakes. Ashanti is kind hearted and friendly and once you mean an Ashanti you never want to loose her! She's awesome. Although, she falls in love pretty quick but knows that she loves the person! She's usually from Africa or Jamaica. The personality of an Ashanti is unpredictable because she will love you as long as your nice to her... Ashanti is usually healthy and fit with lots of curves. She is usually rude and aggressive and if she doesn't like you, you'll know about it.

She's an amazing friend and a loving partner and you never want to lose someone like Ashanti! She's one of the best people you'll ever meet.
Man 1: Look at that stunning girl over there.
Man 2: Her names Ashanti and she's really nice and friendly
Man 1: I should've known by her name.
by awesome eastenders December 02, 2014

Ashnti sucks, itw ould suck if you would be called an ashanti.
She is another a-s-h-a-n-t-i.
by Cherish November 28, 2003
a gay ass prick who's parents or so dumb they forgot how to spell Shanti so they added the only letter of the alphabet they could remember
by iversonsgurl89 July 25, 2003

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