mah homegirl who will crush all ya'll hataz one day. She CAN sing, ya'll just get distracted by sideburns that aren't even there anymore. And she's VERY mature because she not even thinkin about ya'll hataz cuz she too busy gettin her money...sista got bills to pay...i know she do. And she is so pretty, that im jealous...All she need to is leave Murder Inc and join a better record label. That damn JaRule
Homegirl be multi-talented
by Check_it September 26, 2003
this is a celebrity test that gets a grade. i'll take the test.question #1
1. who is the princess of r&b?
answer. that's easy, ashanti, just look up the word princess. ( look up the word princess)
2. what is the definition of talent?
that's simple. let's see... well ashanti is pretty much the definition for talent. look it up.( look up the word talent)
well, you're finished... that was a quick test, what did i make? you got everything right, you made an A+
that was an easy test, you should know the anawers, no need to cheat!!!
ashanti is just tight!! bottomline!
by fanatic October 18, 2004
I beautiful girl with long side burns that have tight songs but an ugly voice!!!
by See-qt October 11, 2003
the one who is the true princess of r&b and will soon be the queen.. unlike aaliyah-r.i.p
aaliyah was a good singer-but ashanti is better-ashanti is the real princess!!! 4u-shanyprincess
by shanyprincess December 22, 2004
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