someone who smokes a bowl and leaves you with all the ash
(raja passes michael the pipe)
michael: hey man, this bowl's done
raja: oh shit, i'll pack another
michael:, thanks, ashhole...
alex: what an ashhole!
by how_to_make_pickles January 19, 2010
(noun) a word used as an alternative to asshole by people who think they're somehow "better" or "good" because they don't curse. (Also see: troutturd, hypercrite, frogging and bullshirt)
"You're such an ashhole!, find another ride home from church!"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
Someone who blames airliners for delays due to natural disasters.
That ashhole freaked out at the clerk at the airport because his plane has been delayed by the volcano eruption.
by /<razy /<anuck April 19, 2010
a person who assholishly ashes there cigarettes wherever they choose.
there's ashes all over my bed what an ash-hole
by ali2dope March 20, 2010
Any hole, gap or container at hand where cigarette ash and butts are collected or dropped, in the absence of an ashtray especially during close-quarter hang out sessions.
There'll be ash on the bed in a minute, I need an ash hole. Pass me that empty Coke can, will you?
by eriswicked June 20, 2010
A also known as Ashtin Hart

Hoe bag uppity wench. Will end up alone for sure, and lies to get her way. People usually see her with ugly and fat girls to make herself feel pretty. Terrible In bed, won't do anything fun.
"Dude how was she last night"

"TERRIBLE she just laid there, and used way to much teeth"

"What an ash-hole"

by Herm westerfield November 01, 2013
when someone likes to have cigarettes put out on their butthole.
hey i heard staceys an ashhole.
by MrBomangles January 21, 2011

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