annoying pathetic whore who whines in Lord of the Rings because people are fighting instead of doing anything about it
by lollypopcan December 28, 2011
Top Definition
Aragorn's elven chick.
Some LOTR so-called fans argue endlessly over Peter Jackson's decision to make her more relevant in his masterpiece films, but its just because:
a) They are morons and they can't tell their assholes from a hole in the ground.
b) They are gay and they'd rather see more of Eomer without his mail shirt.
Jay: Hey dude, ive made a copy of the full extended version of LOTR and edited out the parts where that fucking Arwen chick appears!
Silent Bob: No shit asshole? When do YOU start filming the Silmarillion?
by Hugh G. Rection March 04, 2005
She's my amazingly beautiful, gorgeous, cute little sister. Full of life and love. She's bright and bubbly and she never fails to make my day.
I love Arwen!

Arwen is an amazing sister.
by I love my sister. April 21, 2012
n. princess with attitude
v. to get in your face, to slice with wit
n. "If Sarah isn't an Arwen with that dress on, no one is."
v. "Don't get all Arwen on me, I didn't do that on purpose!!"
by A. Tbo October 30, 2007
A short, but lovable, woman who brightens your day anytime she decides to stop by. A woman with a big butt and bigger heart. Someone who can be your best friend and drive you crazy at the same time. Arwen can make you tha happiest you've been......or want to bang your head into a brick wall repeatedly however, you will always love her.....because she will always love you. Pretty much no matter what.
I saw Arwen today....made my week totally better.....including nearly being the target in a drive by
by Reverend19 May 20, 2014
A drop dead gorgeous girl. She gets rejected a lot. She likes this guy a lot but he is dating someone else and he can't take a hint. The girl the guy is dating is Arwens best friend
Arwen loves this guy
by Arwen_sugg July 29, 2016
Ano ver used character in the Lord of the Rings Movie
"Arwen is over used in the Lord of the Rings movies"
by Jamie Lewis May 20, 2003
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