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A sexy beast of a man. He is good looking and amazing in bed. He is passionate and a good lover and likes mildly kinky sex. He is adventurous in the bedroom. Arwel is a caring person and is good to talk to. He is funny and sweet and sexy. He has a great personality and whereas he may appear cocky, he is extremely modest. He doesn't think much of himself and has next to no self esteem. He is constantly miserable but comes across as extroverted, confident and happy. He often makes mistakes in relationships and is a bit of a douchebag. He likes to think of himself as a player but in reality, when he falls in love he is faithful and loyal to his girl. He is afraid of commitment and boredom.
Arwel is a great lover but doesn't think much of himself

That's guy is so sweet. He is totally an Arwel

That boy is a douchebag. Typical Arwel
by smushmeister general May 28, 2014
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A man who at first you will think is amazing and like no other but he will soon show his true colours.His favourite pastime is lying but he really isn't very good at it and trips himself up quite easily he lies so often that he even believes what he is saying to be true but he is easily caught out as his memory is very bad and he often forgets what lies he has told.He proclaims to love you but his only love is himself.
Arwel is definitely a no go area
by 95 January 31, 2011

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